Press release

Private customers / 03.04.2013

Your home network is always in view: latest version of devolo‘s Powerline software with auto update function now available


Aachen, Germany, April 3, 2013 - devolo is releasing the latest version of its Powerline software, dLAN® Cockpit 4. The free monitoring and configuration tool for the dLAN® Powerline home network features greatly expanded functionality. devolo has placed special emphasis on convenient operation: for example, all dLAN® adapters in the network can now be updated to the latest firmware version with a single touch of a button. Of course, familiar functions such as graphically displaying connection speed between individual adapters in the home network, useful tips for improving transmission quality and individual security settings remain available. dLAN® Cockpit 4 is now available for download from the devolo website.

Expanded update function for all devolo components in the network

Previously, firmware updates for Powerline adapters would be downloaded from the devolo website manually and installed individually. The latest version of the dLAN® Cockpit software enables you to do this with a single touch of a button. This ensures that the entire dLAN® Powerline home network is up-to-date in no time and all adapters are operating at their peak with regard to performance and energy efficiency. In addition, the devolo software and needed drivers are brought up to date. If you are looking for even more convenience, you can automate these updates completely and allow dLAN® Cockpit to search for available updates by itself on a regular basis.

Individual monitoring of data traffic and status LEDs

You can control even more adapter settings from a central location with version 4 of dLAN® Cockpit. This also includes temporarily blocking an adapter completely, so that no more data can be transferred - until the user enables the adapter again. In addition, the status LEDs on the adapter can also be shut off completely.

Digital operating manuals and improved network diagnostics

The latest version of dLAN® Cockpit has integrated operating manuals; the digital manual is available to all adapters in the network automatically. Furthermore, using a new documentation function, the current configuration of the dLAN® Powerline home network and various additional information can be stored. This allows employees on the devolo hotline to generate better and faster analysis - thereby providing more targeted assistance.

Available as a free download from the devolo website

Version 4 of the devolo dLAN® Cockpit is now available as a free download from the devolo website at The software is available for all current Windows versions (such as Windows Vista, 7, 8) and for Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu) and works with all adapters of the current dLAN® 200 and dLAN® 500 product families.