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Company / 28.04.2014

World‘s first Wi-Fi consultation helps with wireless home network problems


The poor quality of Wi-Fi signals continues to plague Europe and Germany. A current study carried out by Germany-based market research organisation GfK has found that four out of ten Germans have poor or even no Wi-Fi reception in certain rooms. Last year, devolo had already run an extensive campaign for educating the public about the widespread ailment of weak Wi-Fi and shed some light on background, causes and treatment options. Now, the Aachen-based company is taking it a step further and opening the world‘s first Wi-Fi consultation on the Internet. Starting immediately, affected people can find advice for better Wi-Fi, a detailed Wi-Fi dictionary and numerous easy-to-apply tips for a healthy wireless home network - instantaneously and free of charge at At the core of the Wi-Fi consultation is an easy-to-run health check to assess the individual Wi-Fi condition. Here, the exact nature of the weak Wi-Fi is determined and an appropriate prescription is subsequently written.

Weak Wi-Fi is still commonplace

Wi-Fi users are still significantly affected by weak Wi-Fi that has been spreading for years. A current study of the Germany-based market research company GfK documents that in Germany alone, more than 42% of surveyed people still have poor or no Wi-Fi reception at all in some regions. If you take those people who consciously do not use Wi-Fi at home out of the equation, the situation gets even worse: 44,5% of Germans who want to use Wi-Fi can do so only to a very limited extent or not at all in some rooms.

First Wi-Fi consultation assists with problems concerning the wireless home network

For devolo, this is reason enough to expand its quest to beat the insidious and widespread ailment: with its Wi-Fi consultation, devolo has launched a global one-of-a-kind first-aid website that analyses the symptoms of weak Wi-Fi and offers advice free of charge. At devolo immediately offers a comprehensive assortment with solutions and an on-line dictionary that explains the technical background. devolo, with this new format, provides an additional, important element for curing the weak Wi-Fi experienced by many users for the long term and expands its comprehensive service offer. devolo‘s Wi-Fi consultation is open around the clock and accessible seven days a week, so that acute cases can be diagnosed even on weekends.

Wi-Fi consultation establishes a meaningful diagnosis

The Wi-Fi consultation examines all the user‘s symptoms in depth and establishes a meaningful diagnosis for how to treat the most acute cases of weak Wi-Fi. To that end, a thorough survey of the residential location and the wireless terminal devices used as well as the general surfing patterns serve as a basis. Subsequently, the patient receives an individual prescription that he or she can submit to a trusted computer dealer. In this manner, devolo takes care of affected Wi-Fi users from diagnosis through recovery to beat and cure the individual case of weak Wi-Fi for the long term.

Understanding weak Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi consultation also explains the origins of weak Wi-Fi. It can result, for example, from using only one Wi-Fi access point (usually the DSL router). Smartphone, tablet and laptop only have perfect reception near the router—just a few metres away, the first symptoms already become noticeable. In such a case, affected users should not panic, as a simple home remedy can often alleviate this problem—for example, by elevating the position of the router for future use.

The perfect home Wi-Fi with devolo WiFi Move Technology

In persistent or chronic cases of weak Wi-Fi, however, the correct medication is often critical: devolo offers an effective remedy for weak Wi-Fi with the dLAN® 500 WiFi. The compact access point offers fast Wi-Fi N home networking and, due to its size, can be used everywhere. In larger flats or multistorey homes, multiple dLAN® 500 WiFi units are simply combined to offer the best Wi-Fi in any room. The devolo dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ is designed as a good alternative for cases of acute weak Wi-Fi and can be combined as desired with the compact dLAN® 500 WiFi. Both devolo products cure weak Wi-Fi immediately at first use.

Appointments are available at any time: the devolo Wi-Fi consultation is open immediately seven days a week at .