Press release

Private customers / 21.06.2005

World’s first MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapter with 85 Mbps available now


Video streaming now possible with 85-Mbps data rate over household electrical wiring. Available in stores now are the MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters presented by devolo at CeBIT 2005. The new top model in the MicroLink dLAN line of products offers far higher transfer rates over the household power circuit. Transfer speeds of up to 85 Mbps transform the household electricity circuit into a powerful home network that can handle even large file transfers without limits. The big increase in data rates now enables applications such as TV transmissions with the Internet protocol (IP-TV) and video streaming without problem.


Simple and convenient video transmission from room to room is no longer wishful thinking as devolo presents its new 85-Mbps version of the dLAN range of products—the first company in the world to offer a product that was specially designed for this application. For the first time, the new MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters offer speeds of up to 85 Mbps over the household electricity circuit—a real alternative to conventional Ethernet cabling. This dLAN technology is far superior to the wireless standards b and g in offering longer range and better transmission quality because walls and ceilings are no obstruction for dLAN products.

True home networking


The increasingly popular “digital lifestyle products” make it essential to have a powerful network that is available everywhere in the private household. For the first time, the new dLAN technology offers enough bandwidth for true multimedia home networking. The household electrical wiring thus becomes a backbone for modern multimedia applications throughout the whole house. There is no installation necessary whatsoever. The MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters are simply plugged in to the wall socket and behave just like a physical network cable: ready for immediate use. The system is also backwardly compatible to the previous 14-Mbps technology and doesn’t cause the transfer rates in the whole network to sink to the lower speeds.

Video streaming in DVD quality


Users have a greatly increased range of activities at their disposal. Whereas the transmission of data and music was formerly limited to 14Mpbs, PCs can now transfers even larger files without delay over the electricity circuit. The household electrical wiring can now be used even to transmit videos in DVD quality. In combination with IP-TV, video on demand can be used anywhere in the home—wherever there’s a power socket.

Availability, prices and warranty


MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters are immediately available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of Euro 99.90 (incl. VAT). The Starter Kit consists of two MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters and is available for Euro 189.90 (incl. VAT). devolo offers a 3-year warranty on all products and its usual comprehensive support including their on-site service.

Network planning made easy

Under, devolo presents a free service for easy, convenient planning of a home or office network. The graphically appealing web site quickly guides users seeking help to a presentation that shows the ideal solution for their network. All that is required is to enter the number of PCs, games consoles and printers that are to be networked and the type of Internet access that is available.