Press release

Private customers / 02.09.2003

WLAN connection from any power socket - new MicroLink dLAN Wireless


The devolo AG, based in Aachen, Germany, is extending its MicroLink dLAN (direct Local Area Network) line of products for PC-networking via mains power circuits: The latest HomePlug adapter features a wireless-network interface. MicroLink dLAN Wireless closes the gap to the WLAN world and bypasses the problem of walls and ceilings that block signals. The space-saving device is available from mid October and will cost 169.90 Euro.

Wireless LAN (WLAN) plays an increasingly important role in domestic households. The market research institute IDC predicts that by 2006 more than half of all European home networks will be wireless. “However, thick concrete walls and ceilings often limit the area of coverage”, admits Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG in Aachen. The remedy is at hand with the new HomePlug adapter MicroLink dLAN Wireless from devolo. It combines the easy networking of multiple PCs via the household power circuit with the flexibility of wireless technology based on the IEEE-802.11b standard. The data transfer bandwidth in the dLAN is up to 14 Mbps; in the wireless LAN up to 11 Mbps. “And that is sufficient to extend a DSL connection into any room or onto the terrace, for example”, says Harbers.

A minimum of effort is needed to establish or extend a wireless network: The new devolo product is simply plugged into any power socket. Plug&Play installation and easy configuration via a web interface help to keep things simple. “This device now makes it possible to provide top-quality Wireless LAN connections in any room and on any floor of your house”, emphasises devolo’s top man. Outstanding signal qualities are now possible even where wireless networks have formerly had problems. are a thing of the past, no new cables have to be laid and no holes have to be drilled in walls or ceilings.

Installing MicroLink dLAN is extremely simple: Internet access at home or in the office is provided by the standard telephone connection. The DSL modem is connected to an available power socket using a MicroLink dLAN adapter and immediately any other household power socket can be used for networking. The network connection is completed by a further MicroLink dLAN adapter that is connected to the PC via Ethernet, USB or WLAN.

The new adapter, a logical addition to devolo’s dLAN product line, is an optimal extension for an existing power-socket home network. In particular when Internet access with greater flexibility is required or when a notebook with WLAN card is being used. “Any power socket provides a WLAN connection and the household power circuit becomes a network hub”, says Heiko Harbers. Additional hubs for networking are, apparently, unnecessary with this solution. A maximum of security is ensured as the traffic in both the power circuit and the Wireless LAN is encrypted.