Press release

Private customers / 10.07.2014

Wi-Fi without compromises: devolo makes it easy. Set-up at the touch of a button and the best reception in every room


devolo has taken up the cause of getting rid of weak Wi-Fi. Our goals: The best reception in every room, easy set-up at the touch of a button and maximum Wi-Fi security. In meeting these goals, devolo is using dLAN® Powerline, the fast and stable network over the powerline, to provide the perfect distribution of Wi-Fi. This lets everyone enjoy a perfect surfing experience at home on smartphones, tablets and laptops!

Combating weak Wi-Fi signals without compromises

The list of Wi-Fi preconceptions is long: It‘s too slow, too complicated to set up, unsecured and never available where you actually need it. But it doesn‘t have to be like that: devolo shows poor Wi-Fi the red card and presents the first wireless home network without compromises. Easy set up at the touch of a button, present in any room of the home and exceptionally secure.

devolo WiFi Move Technology for perfect Wi-Fi reception

Wi-Fi problem number one: It doesn‘t matter where you are at home, a wireless network never seems to have the highest quality. Downloads that are already slow are broken by annoying connection interruptions. The cause is easy to see: One Wi-Fi router is supplying every room at the same time. This is precisely where the devolo WiFi Move Technology comes into play, bringing Wi-Fi directly to every room over the electrical wiring. Compact Wi-Fi adapters are positioned everywhere you want to surf. Since dLAN® Powerline is not weakened by thick ceilings and walls, the full bandwidth of your Internet connection is available everywhere!

devolo revolutionises Wi-Fi set-up with configuration at the touch of a button

Wi-Fi problem number two: Set-up is too complicated. A representative GfK study carried out in Germany clearly shows that setting up Wi-Fi connections is often too complicated. Of the people surveyed, 56.4 percent responded that they did not think setting up their wireless home network easy. This is why devolo revolutionised Wi-Fi set-up with configuration at the touch of a button. This new type of easy set-up transmits the Wi-Fi access data securely from the Wi-Fi router to devolo Wi-Fi adapters at the touch of a button.

Playing it safe with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi problem number three: The issue of security. devolo transmits the network signal via the powerline with strong 128-bit encryption so that no uninvited guests have access. Tried-and-tested WPA2 encryption is used for the Wi-Fi. In addition, Wi-Fi access can be limited to known devices using a MAC filter. Security is also increased by optional time control.

The perfect duo for a wireless home network

dLAN® 500 WiFi and dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ Wi-Fi adapters from devolo provide a fast, secure and stable wireless home network to any room in your home. They optimally supplement the transmitting power of an existing Wi-Fi router or provide the alternative of establishing a completely standalone network. While the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ provides a home networking centre with its three additional LAN ports, the compact dLAN® 500 WiFi is the ideal access point for every additional room or area to be supplied with Wi-Fi.

Any questions? The devolo Wi-Fi clinic offers additional support

devolo is providing the world‘s first Wi-Fi clinic to actively help with wireless home networking issues. The core of the Wi-Fi clinic is a well-founded check to assess individual Wi-Fi conditions. During the check, the symptoms of every patient are determined and a personalised prescription is given. People affected by weak Wi-Fi can find help and advice 24 hours a day at In addition, the site offers everything you need to know about wireless surfing at home - from free tips for instantly better Wi-Fi to a detailed Wi-Fi glossary.

devolo Wi-Fi adapters for the perfect wireless home network are available in stores. Along with the starter kits with two adapters, devolo also offers single adapters that can supplement your Wi-Fi at home at any time.