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Private customers / 11.11.2020

The smart solution against weak Wi-Fi: devolo WiFi ac Repeater+

The smart solution against weak Wi-Fi: devolo WiFi ac Repeater+

The new devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ enhances the router's WiFi signal and brings Mesh Wi-Fi with a transmission speed of up to 1,200 Mbps into nearby rooms in houses and apartments. Especially smart: the WiFi signal is transmitted specifically to the devices by means of ‘beam forming’ – for a fast and stable home network. ‘Crossband repeating’ also enables optimum broadband use on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. The new devolo Repeater+ ac also features two LAN ports and an integrated electrical socket for flexible connection possibilities.

devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ cures weak Wi-Fi

The new devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac is ideally suited for eliminating weak Wi-Fi in rooms on one floor. The inexpensive entry-level solution for home networking is ideally equipped for this purpose: the WiFi ac Repeater+ uses both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz frequency bands through crossband repeating for stable communication. Since the dual band Repeater is compatible with Wi-Fi standards 2 to 5 (b, g, n, ac), it reliably supplies all terminal devices with a fast Internet connection. The two integrated fast Ethernet connections also enable consoles, PCs or streaming boxes to be connected via a cable. With the integrated electrical socket, no power outlet goes to waste.

Easy start with the home networking app

Thanks to WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup), it is very easy to configure the WiFi ac Repeater+: when plugged in at any power socket, it adopts the configuration data from the router at the push of a button and hooks up to the existing home network without any laborious input of access data. Anyone needing assistance with the installation process can use the devolo home network app. If necessary, it will even help you to find the ideal location. The Repeater is compatible with all routers and access points. However, it is also perfectly suitable for extending a devolo Magic Wi-Fi network with a Powerline backbone, something which is frequently used in larger apartments or houses. That's because the Repeater uses the same devolo operating system like the products in the devolo Magic series and is integrated into the existing network. The home network app also then shows all devolo products in a list.

Mesh Wi-Fi: modern technology for the best network

Especially as part of a seamless devolo home network, the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ makes full use of its modern mesh functions and ensures that all devices with Wi-Fi capability are perfectly connected. Thanks to "fast roaming", smartphones, tablets, etc. are always connected to the ideal WiFi hotspot (client steering). This is especially important whenever WiFi users move around the home with their devices and use it, for example, to make a video call. For even better transmission power, the Repeater uses so-called "beam forming" technology to find the position of clients via its antennae and navigates towards them more precisely. This makes WiFi performance even better. Thanks to the "airtime fairness" function, fast WiFi terminal devices automatically receive more airtime through the devolo Repeater and are no longer slowed down by older, slow terminal devices which would block data communication without this technology. Intelligent " band steering" in the background ensures an uninterrupted connection with the highest possible quality through fully automatic switching to the 2.4 GHz frequency band or the 5 GHz frequency band.

Multi-user MIMO and WPA3: WiFi for the entire family

The Repeater is specifically optimised to support a large number of data streams. After all, a fast connection in modern households is often required by more than just one device. MU-MIMO technology (multi-user multiple input and multiple output) comes into play here. It enables the new devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ to communicate simultaneously with several clients. This means the following: a fast, stable and, above all, secure Internet connection for everyone. That's because the connections are reliably protected at all times through support by the modern security standards WPA 2 and WPA 3.

More flexibility: repeating mode or access point mode

The new WiFi ac Repeater+ from devolo offers users maximum flexibility: it acts either as a pure Wi-Fi extension (repeating mode) or opens up a new Wi-Fi network as an independent access point. This access point mode is especially important when structured wiring with LAN ports is already available in the home and the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ is used to cover a new Wi-Fi network.

Price and availability

The devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ is now available on Amazon at the recommended retail price of £59.99 devolo provides a three-year manufacturer's warranty.