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Private customers / 23.07.2020

The new devolo Magic 2 WiFi next: Next generation of Mesh WiFi

The new devolo Magic 2 WiFi next: Next generation of Mesh WiFi

The best of both worlds: devolo, the networking specialist from Aachen, introduces the new Magic 2 WiFi next, which is an optimal combination of innovative Mesh WiFi functions and Powerline technology (PLC). The latest version of, the PLC standard, enables transmission speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps in the backbone, making the Magic 2 series the fastest PLC adapters currently on the market. Furthermore, the devolo Magic 2 WiFi next now also supports Multi-User MIMO and improves WiFi performance thanks to access point steering.

devolo Magic: Reference in home networking

With the new Magic 2 WiFi next, devolo is consistently evolving its successful Magic series. "Numerous top-product test reviews attest to the position of devolo Magic as a reference in the area of home networking," says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "The latest generation makes Powerline more powerful than ever – the Internet signal isn't blocked by ceilings and walls. Combined with the improved WiFi functions of Magic 2 WiFi next, this creates the best possible user experience throughout the home."

devolo Magic 2 adapters provide a range of up to 500 meters over the electrical wiring to transform any power socket into a high-speed access point. As such, devolo Magic 2 products are not only the fastest powerline adapters currently available but also those with the longest range.

New: Multi-User MIMO

The new Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) ensures even better WiFi performance with the new devolo Magic 2 WiFi next. The technology makes it possible to supply multiple devices with the optimal transmission capacity simultaneously. For example, when the new series in 4K or the new documentary in 8K is being streamed in the living room, young people are playing online on a tablet and a video call is being made in the home office. MU-MIMO controls WiFi data streams efficiently in a fully automated process.

Further developed Mesh WiFi

As a new Mesh feature, the devolo Magic 2 WiFi now also comes with "access point steering". A client is thus automatically transmitted to the strongest WiFi hotspot in the vicinity so the smartphone, tablet and the like remain optimally connected, even if the user is moving around the home. The Mesh WiFi features of the new devolo Magic 2 WiFi next are supplemented with additional functions such as "fast roaming", "band steering", "airtime fairness" and "config sync" (single SSID), which are already used in all Magic WiFi adapters.

"Fast roaming" (client steering) ensures a fast connection of the clients with the strongest WiFi hotspot, but the activity is performed by the client. "Band steering", integrated into the WiFi adapters for the Magic 2, ensures that all WiFi clients are automatically assigned the optimal frequency band. Instead of the frequently overloaded 2.4 GHz band, the clients then transmit in the 5 GHz band – without the user having to do a thing. Thanks to the "airtime fairness" function, fast clients get more airtime (connection time to the WiFi hotspot) and are no longer slowed down by older, slow clients. "Config sync" enables WiFi configuration data to synchronise to all Magic hotspots.

Reliably secure: WPA3

Thanks to WPA3, the WiFi established by devolo devices is extremely secure. The current security standard of the WiFi Alliance is based on the WPA2 protocol and thanks to improved 128-bit encryption, offers strong protection against unwanted access. At the same time, it makes connecting new devices in the home network easier. This also requires that the WiFi clients support WPA3 encryption. WPA2 protection remains available for all other clients, and a mixed mode that combines WPA3 and WPA2 is also possible.

Plug & play with auto-pairing

Installing the devolo Magic 2 WiFi next adapters is extremely easy: Plug in one adapter, connect it with the router via Ethernet cable, plug the second adapter in within the next two minutes – and both adapters pair to each other automatically without having to push a single button. In this process, they exchange an individualised security ID so that the data connection over the electrical wiring remains protected. Additionally, users can be guided step by step through the set-up of the devolo Home Network using the installation wizard.

Easy operation via app and software

The network can also be intuitively controlled using the devolo Home Network App. No matter whether additional adapters are to be integrated into the network, or if guest accounts or parental controls are to be set up: All configurations can be set in seconds without expert knowledge. devolo is continually developing the Home Network App and is adding new functions in free updates. The devolo Cockpit software as well as the web interface will also be available for easy operation in future.

Prices and availability

The new Magic 2 WiFi next is now available in various variants both in stores and online: The Starter Kit includes two adapters at a price of £169.99 and covers a living space up to approx. 90 m². The devolo Magic 2 WiFi next whole home kit, for covering larger living spaces up to approx. 180 m2 directly, comes with three adapters and costs £269.99. For expanding an existing Magic network, the Magic 2 WiFi next adapters are also available individually at the price of £109.99. devolo provides a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all products.