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Private customers / 20.10.2020

New favourite Wi-Fi places are emerging: Home office instead of living room?

New favourite Wi-Fi places are emerging: Home office instead of living room?

Is the home office overtaking the living room as the place where people most enjoy using their Wi-Fi? Will the garden or hobby room become the new favourite Wi-Fi place? That is the indication from a survey of over 2,000 devolo fans across Europe.

Home office rather than living room: an effect of the coronavirus?

Wi-Fi used to be important to the majority of people in one place in particular: the living room. According to Statista, approximately 84 percent of users want perfect reception there[1] but, that may have changed in the time of coronavirus. According to a devolo survey conducted in August 2020, 55 percent of participants said that the home office is the place where they use Wi-Fi very frequently, followed by the living room at 32 percent. In addition, other rooms and spaces of the home have gained importance. For example, just under 18 percent claimed that the hobby room has become the new favourite Wi-Fi place while for approximately 12 percent, it was the balcony or garden. This also coincides with the fact that approximately 19 percent want to have a stronger signal in the hobby room, and a fifth of the participants want better Wi-Fi on the balcony or in the garden.

Favourite place = favourite Wi-Fi place

For a place at home to become a new favourite, the wireless home network needs to be strong and reliable. People expect a stable connection while watching a tutorial during a home improvement project, chatting with friends in a newly planted oasis or having a video conference with colleagues. Users indicate that they are uncompromising when it comes to poor Wi-Fi. According to a survey from OnePoll and reichelt elektronik, 30 percent of users have no tolerance for Internet dropouts; 40 percent would only accept this for ten minutes at most[2].

devolo shows you which solutions can be used to prevent such dropouts at The site also inspires you to rediscover a familiar environment – your kitchen can become a cooking show, a children's room can become a land of adventure and the balcony can become a new office space.

The best network in all your favourite places with the new Magic 2 WiFi next

The landing page at is focussed on the current flagship product of devolo's home networking line: the new Magic 2 WiFi next. It combines what is currently the world's fastest Powerline technology with high-performance mesh Wi-Fi. Powerline ensures that the data signal goes through the mains supply to your favourite place, no matter whether that is in the basement or the attic. The Wi-Fi signal is not slowed down by ceilings and walls; each power socket can be made into a fresh Internet access point. Additionally, multi-user MIMO ensures that multiple devices are simultaneously and optimally connected to the network – even if family members are in different favourite Wi-Fi places in the home.


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