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Private customers / 02.03.2021

Home fitness requires powerful Wi-Fi

Home fitness requires powerful Wi-Fi

Our homes are becoming more important all the time. Working from home is becoming more and more a part of everyday professional life and home schooling is replacing in-person classes, at least for the time being.

Another such trend is working out at home. Surprisingly, our own four walls provide an excellent space for exercising and staying active. Here we explain which aspects of your own private home gym are particularly critical and why a powerful Wi-Fi connection is among them.

Home fitness: More motivation makes it easy to get started

The COVID-19 pandemic forced gyms to close their doors in late 2020. People have been steadily moving towards home fitness ever since. And it's no surprise. Working out at home is, ultimately, a hassle-free option and is something we'll surely continue doing long after the pandemic is over. After all, it's too easy to let things like weather and scheduling conflicts get in the way of going to the gym. Working out at home helps to maintain motivation.

This is largely because getting started with home fitness is incredibly easy. Basic exercises are easy to perform and do not require any special equipment. All you need to get started with home fitness is an exercise mat – and even that isn't absolutely necessary, since you can always work out directly on the floor if you wish.

Bodyweight training as a starting point

Getting started is so simple because we all already possess the essential equipment: our bodies. Bodyweight training involves using the weight of your own body. Everyone is familiar with the classic exercises like push-ups and squats. Yoga is another example of an activity that is manageable without fitness equipment, or any additional equipment for that matter.


The second most important piece of equipment is also something you'll find in just about any household: a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. You can use video platforms like YouTube or even online courses (some of which are provided by gyms) and forums to tap into an entire world of versatile exercise methods – from refined strength training exercises to aerobics videos that cater to any and all tastes in music. Your home fitness set-up can be expanded incrementally as necessary to meet your individual needs.

The next step: The home gym

From resistance bands and dumbbells to spinning bikes and even entire strength-training stations – the options are virtually unlimited when you're setting up a real home gym. Before you make a purchase, you should put plenty of thought into what you want to achieve and what equipment will enable you to have fun while training. Tip: Get your kids involved! Training with other people boosts motivation, not to mention the obvious benefits your children will get from exercise too.

You'll have a few aspects to consider when creating the final set-up for your home workout space. One of the most critical aspects is the amount of space available. Ideally you would be able to declare an entire room "the fitness room". If this isn't an option, then maybe it's best to forego the massive "total home gym" purchase and opt instead for more compact fitness equipment that is easy to set up and pack away afterwards.

Strong body, strong Wi-Fi

There is one requirement for successful home training that is often forgotten: Wi-Fi. Even the best intentions to work out won't lead to anything if the online course has to stop to buffer every few seconds or if your smart spinning bike fails to connect to the server. A stable Internet connection also helps when you want to "meet up" virtually with a few friends to have a joint workout session via video call, for instance.

The problem: In many living spaces, the Wi-Fi signal peters out somewhere between the router and the home gym. This is the case primarily when the Internet access reaches the house at a location that is father away from the training location, or perhaps the fitness program involves switching between rooms with different levels of Wi-Fi signal strength – let alone working out in the garden when the weather is nice.

"Pumping up" your home network

Multiple storeys or thick walls – Wi-Fi signals have even more natural enemies than fitness beginners have excuses not to work out. The products you need to "bulk up" your bandwidth are provided by the network experts at devolo in Aachen, Germany. The high-speed adapters from the cutting-edge devolo Magic series turn any power socket into a lightning-fast Internet access point – either wired or wireless. As a result, you can enjoy the sheer strength of your Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps wherever you have access to a power socket. This includes state-of-the-art mesh Wi-Fi and convenience functions such as automatic data traffic control between the end devices.

The devolo Magic product series

The ideal way to get started using a strong home network with devolo is the devolo Magic 1 WiFi Starter Kit priced at £129.99 inc. VAT. More advanced users who opt for the devolo Magic 2 WiFi next Starter Kit for £169.99 inc. VAT will get a strong combination of Wi-Fi and Gigabit LAN that truly reaches all terminal devices. With the devolo Mesh Wi-Fi 2 Starter Kit at a price of £199.99 inc. VAT, you get a native mesh Wi-Fi network within your own four walls. All the above-mentioned products are compatible with one another so that the home network can be flexibly extended. In addition, devolo provides all products with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.