Press release

Private customers / 27.09.2016

The smart laundry room - With devolo Home Control for greater convenience and reliability


For many manufacturers, IFA 2016 was once again all about smart household appliances. But let‘s be honest—stylish colour displays or touchscreens on a refrigerator are mere gimmicks, while washing machines which dry, iron and fold the laundry after washing are a futuristic fantasy. devolo Home Control is neither of those things. Users will find the smart home system affordable and easy to set up. This system quickly turns even the laundry room into a "smart" location.

No more unnecessary trips down to the basement!

Most of us know exactly how long our washing machines and dryers run. But we sometimes forget what time it was when we started them. Then we have to run back down to the basement to see if the washing machine or dryer is done yet.
Using a single devolo Home Control component, we can spare ourselves such trips from now on. The Smart Metering Plug reliably registers whether the washing machine is still using electricity or has already finished. Then it sends a message to the owner‘s mobile phone via e-mail, push notification or text. If you purchase the devolo Home Control Siren, too, then you can even have an audible signal tell you that the wash cycle is complete.

No more water damage!

Water damage is a hassle, especially if it is not noticed right away. Therefore, anyone wanting to avoid high consequential costs and hassle should take precautions—with a devolo Home Control Water Sensor, for example. This compact sensor registers even minute amounts of leaking water and immediately informs the owner so that he or she can take action. It sends a warning directly to the desired smartphone via text, e-mail, or push notification. In addition, the Siren or other Home Control components, such as the smart light controls, can also be integrated into the alarm. That way, users gain valuable minutes to prevent something worse from happening. In addition, the devolo Home Control Humidity Sensor warns when it is time to ventilate the laundry room again to prevent mould growth.

No more stumbling in a dark laundry room!

When we are on the way to the laundry room, our hands are often full (for example, with a laundry basket). devolo Home Control provides a practical, convenient solution for this problem as well: A Door/Window Contact or a Motion Sensor will register when someone opens the basement door, goes down the basement steps or enters the laundry room, and then turns on the light automatically.

devolo Home Control - the easy smart home

devolo Home Control is the simple and cost-effective smart home solution designed for retrofitting. The individual components can be put into operation easily without any previous knowledge. After the initial set-up, the system can be expanded at any time as desired. There are no basic monthly fees involved.
The devolo Home Control Starter Pack, which consists of a Central Unit, Door/Window Contact and Smart Metering Plug, is available in stores and online at a recommended retail price of 219.90 euros. Additional power sockets (49.90 euros) and Door/Window Contacts (49.90 euros) as well as Motion Sensors (69.90 euros), Sirens (79.90 euros), Water Sensors (59.90 euros) and Humidity Sensors (59.90 euros) can be added in no time.