Press release

Private customers / 20.11.2013

The fastest dLAN® Powerline Adapter on the market by devolo: dLAN® 650 triple+ offers three Gigabit LAN ports and up to 600 Mbps


High-speed home network with 600 Mbps, three Gigabit LAN ports and an integrated power outlet: devolo introduces dLAN® 650 triple+, the second adapter model in the new dLAN® 650 product family. With the new dLAN® 650 product family, devolo is now offering the fastest Powerline adapter in stores: The one-of-a-kind, patent-pending, devolo range+ Technology provides even faster data transmission and a long range. With it, computers, consumer electronics and smart housing technology are connected with each other and with the Internet in no time via household power lines.

devolo range+ Technology for maximum speed and range

A new record high for dLAN® Powerline: In its latest generation, the home network via the power line accomplishes 600 Mbps. Perfect for shared access even to large files on a home network! In addition, the dLAN® 650 triple+ is equipped with devolo range+ Technology - a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending technology that increases the Powerline range considerably. Now even far and remote rooms can be supplied with the full bandwidth of the Internet connection. This is made possible for the very first time by having the powerline data communication use all three physical lines of the electric mains circuit. To this end, devolo has developed a patent-pending hardware design with a one-of-a-kind coupling, which is installed exclusively in the new dLAN® 650 adapters.

Three LAN ports for computers, consumer electronics and smart housing technology

The dLAN® 650 triple+ is equipped with three gigabit LAN ports. This makes it possible to connect all network-compatible devices in a room directly to the home network - perfect, for example, for the living room or home office. Just like digital consumer devices, computers and network-compatible accessories such as printers and NAS hard drives can be connected. These, together with smart TVs, media receivers and Blu-ray players, as well as state-of-the-art, network-compatible housing technology are linked to the Internet with perfect ease.

Integrated electrical socket with mains filter

With the integrated electrical socket on the dLAN® 650 triple+, there is never a lack of power outlets in a room. Devices and power strips can be plugged into the dLAN® adapter directly. Also, an integrate mains filter optimises the data transmission in the home network by eliminating interference, which can be caused by power supply devices, for example.

Energy-efficient adapter design with dynamic energy-saving function

The new generation of Powerline chips used in the dLAN® 650 triple+ is not only optimised for transmission capacity, but is also designed for excellent energy saving efficiency. In operation, the adapter uses just 4.4 watts. When the connected network-compatible devices are switched off, the adapter automatically goes into standby mode and uses only 0.7 watts. The devolo dLAN® 650 triple+ is available in stores starting November 2013. The recommended retail price for the Starter Kit with one dLAN® 650 triple+ and one dLAN® 650+ is 149.90 euro. Single adapters for extending the home network cost 79.90 euro. devolo provides a 3-year warranty.

dLAN® Powerline, the simple home network over a home‘s electrical wiring

The power outlet revolution: dLAN® Powerline by devolo uses household electrical wiring as a long network cable. Every power outlet is turned into a network access point with the help of a dLAN® adapter. Computers, consumer electronics and smart housing technology can be connected to each other and the Internet with the utmost ease. High transmission rates, secure encryption, and easy installation for anyone make the dLAN® Powerline the best home network available. With over 18 million dLAN® adapters sold, devolo is the global market leader.