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Trade area / 05.08.2011

The easy way to connect is here – devolo introduces new dLAN home product group at the IFA


devolo is premiering a new product group at the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited trade fair in Berlin. With the slogan of "Discover the easy way to connect," the Aachen, Germany-based powerline specialist is introducing the new dLAN home product series, its first to be specially designed for networking Internet-compatible consumer electronics. dLAN home makes it particularly easy to connect all network-compatible entertainment devices to each other and to the Internet, and thus is the ideal connection for trendy IFA products such as Internet-compatible televisions or Internet TV receivers. The simultaneous integration of WLAN means that dLAN home also provides a perfect way to integrate smart phones, tablet PCs and laptops.

An increasing number of consumer electronics devices are network-compatible and can be connected to each other and the Internet. At the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited 2011 trade fair, devolo is premiering its new solution that provides a particularly easy way to connect this new generation of networked entertainment. With the slogan of "Discover the easy way to connect," devolo is presenting a dLAN product line specially designed for the Internet-compatible consumer electronics market. With the intelligent dLAN technology that enables broadband networking via the household electrical wiring, Internet televisions, Internet TV receivers (such as Telekom Entertain, Maxdome or Apple TV) and game consoles can have a simple, stable and secure connection to the Web. From 2 to 7 September, interested visitors to devolo‘s Stand 130 in Hall 3.2 (stand number 130) can experience for themselves in numerous demonstrations how easy it is to connect state-of-the-art consumer electronics.

devolo‘s dLAN home family consists initially of various adapter sets with a black design that is a perfect match for today‘s consumer electronics devices. With the Internet to TV Set, devolo is offering a dLAN home solution developed for connecting Internet television sets and Internet TV receivers such as Telekom Entertain or Maxdome. Optimised for transmission of Internet TV content (IPTV) and data of teletext successor HbbTV, it offers optimal networking of consumer electronics and the broadband Internet connection.

dLAN home is an ideal alternative to a wireless LAN (WLAN) network, which in many cases is not stable enough for HDTV transmission or other broadband applications. However, dLAN home and WLAN are not mutually exclusive—on the contrary, the new Multi connect Set actually allows the wireless network to be set up where it is actually needed, a particularly smart feature. This creates WLAN zones in the house that provide optimum reception for laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile entertainment devices. The Multi connect Set enables you to set up wireless network zones to the Wireless-N standard. It also offers an integrated switch with three classic network connections so that in addition to WLAN devices such as smart phones, tablets or laptops, you can also connect AV receivers, game consoles and Blu-ray players directly via LAN cables.

Highest-quality entertainment on your television set

However, dLAN home offers even more than a connection between the Internet and correspondingly equipped consumer electronics. The Notebook to TV Set makes it easy to stream laptop content on your big TV screen. With Wireless USB technology, picture and sound content, for example from holiday clips or online videos, can be transferred easily and quickly from a laptop to a television for shared viewing.

The dLAN home TV Sat 2400-CI+ makes digital satellite television possible without antenna cables. The complete package consists of a high-performance Full HD-capable satellite receiver in accordance with the DVB-S2 standard and a separate tuner for installation near the satellite antenna. The use of the intelligent dLAN technology gives you TV reception throughout the home without routing cables, as the picture and sound transmission from the tuner to the receiver takes place via the household electrical wiring. This makes it particularly easy to enjoy HD programs with crystal-clear surround sound in every room of the home. With the integrated CI+ interface, the new generation is also ideal for receiving pay TV programming. With UPnP and DLNA, the receiver is also suitable for reception of multimedia data from the home network.

The best connection for consumer electronics

dLAN home has been developed to embody the devolo principle of simplicity: all products are ready to use immediately after being unpacked and do not require any complex configuration. After it is plugged into the power outlet, all you have to do is connect the desired consumer electronics device—your connection is established immediately. Optimum security is provided by integrated encryption, which is activated by simply pressing a button on each adapter.

dLAN home has been specially optimised for connecting consumer electronics. Automatic data prioritisation ("Quality of Service") ensures a particularly stable connection, even if multiple consumer electronics devices are accessing Internet content. This means that for example, HDTV transmission to a Telekom Entertain Internet receiver is stable even if, say, online games are being played on the game console, the Internet radio is playing in the kitchen and the laptop is making use of a broadband connection for a video chat, all at the same time.

Perfect entertainment throughout the home

dLAN home can be used as a point-to-point connection, for example for connecting an Internet-compatible television to the Internet. Expanding this connection by integrating additional adapters is likewise possible—allowing dLAN home to grow with your requirements. Of course, consumer electronics connected with dLAN home can access more than just the Internet and compatible online services. You can also easily load media files such as pictures and videos from a home computer or Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit, if supported by the respective devices.

devolo dLAN home products are available starting mid-August 2011 in the TV and consumer electronics departments of select specialist dealers and large consumer electronics retailers.