Press release

Private customers / 11.04.2013

The easy home network via the power line: dLAN® 500 duo and dLAN® 500 duo+ from devolo are now available


The latest products in the portfolio of the Aachen-based powerline specialist - dLAN® 500 duo and dLAN® 500 duo+ - provide any room in the house with an Internet connection. The compact adapters enable you to use your home power line as a long network cable and thereby turn any power outlet into an Internet and network access point. This is so easy to set up that even newbies can do it in a few minutes. dLAN® 500 duo and dLAN® 500 duo+ are the latest state of the art of technology, which makes them not only more energy-efficient for the customer, but also less expensive to purchase.

Compact adapter - as easy as child‘s play to install

dLAN® 500 duo and dLAN® 500 duo+ are installed in no time: After the first adapter is connected to the Internet router, Internet and network access point are available at every power outlet in the house. Then simply plug in a second adapter where you want and connect it to a terminal device, such as a computer, laptop, television, Blu-ray player, game console or Internet radio. The required cables are included in the package contents and the user does not have to do any other configuring.Both adapters take up only a little space and can be placed inconspicuously. The smaller of the two, the dLAN® 500 duo, measures only 65 x 81 x 29 mm.


Internet in every room of the house

dLAN® 500 duo and dLAN® 500 duo+ each come with two Fast Ethernet connections, thereby enabling multiple terminal devices to be connected in parallel - anywhere a power outlet is available. Thus, for example, a computer and a network printer, or a television and a game console, can be connected to the Internet with just one adapter. Both adapters rely on 500 Mbps chip technology. They are compatible with all Powerline adapters of the 200 and 500 Mbps classes and guarantee a high network and Internet speed. Moreover, the dLAN® 500 duo+ includes an integrated electrical socket with mains filter for even higher speeds.

Cost-effective home network - flexible and secure

The new Powerline adapters from devolo use a clearly more cost-effective chip technology and are available at extremely attractive retail prices. The recommended retail prices for the dLAN® 500 duo are at 44.90 euro (or 79.90 euro for the Starter Kit with two adapters, or 119.90 euro for the Network Kit with three adapters) and for the dLAN® 500 duo+ at 54.90 euro (or 99.90 euro for the Starter Kit with two adapters, or 149.90 euro for the Network Kit with three adapters).At the touch of a button the network can be protected from unauthorized access using a 128-bit AES password.


Free configuration software for dLAN® users

For additional customization and configuration of the dLAN® home network, devolo provides its customers with free software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu), and is the only provider of Powerline adapters to do so. With dLAN® Cockpit, devolo customers have the option of checking the connection speed between the individual dLAN® adapters at any time. Useful and easy-to-implement tips for improving the data rate as well as digital user manuals are shown to the user right in the software. dLAN® Cockpit also provides a function for automatically updating all devolo components in the home network. Thus the products always remain up-to-date and receive useful updates for increasing speed or for compatibility with new operating systems. dLAN® Cockpit is optional software for advanced users; it is not necessary for operating the adapters.