Press release

Private customers / 13.07.2005

The devolo MicroLink dLAN® duo HomePlug adapter networks devices either via Ethernet or USB


The power of two ports: MicroLink dLAN duo now available. networking specialists based in Aachen, Germany, present the latest consistent development in their line of dLAN products. MicroLink dLAN® duo works with the HomePlug 1.0 standard and innovatively unites USB and Ethernet interfaces in a single device.


Following the launch of the MicroLink dLAN® Highspeed products with up to 85-Mbps data rates, the MicroLink dLAN® duo adapters are now also available in retail. Regardless of the introduction of the new 85-Mbps standard, devolo continues to support its HomePlug-1.0 product portfolio, a fact graphically demonstrated by new developments with the two products MicroLink dLAN® Ethernet and MicroLink dLAN® USB. These two HomePlug adapters are united in the new MicroLink dLAN® duo: Ethernet and USB in a single device offering tranfer rates of up to 14 Mbps. Customers now no longer have to decide which dLAN® HomePlug adapter with which interface they would like to use. The MicroLink dLAN adapters are simply plugged in to the wall socket and behave just like a physical network cable: Ready for immediate use. If the adapters are inactive for a longer period of time, they automatically switch to standby mode to the benefit of the electricity bill.

Innovation through technical skill


Thanks to its own in-house development team, devolo AG is the only company to offer a HomePlug adapter with both Ethernet and USB interfaces. As with the former models, the new MicroLink dLAN® duo adapters do not need to share the same electricity phase; all devolo dLAN® adapters use so-called “cross-talk” to jump between phases. This enables users to extend their Internet connection into any room in the house via their electricity wiring without the need of laying network cables or drilling holes. And, thanks to the USB port, notebooks without an Ethernet connector can be integrated into the network, too.

Availability, prices and warranty


MicroLink dLAN® duo adapters are immediately available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of Euro 79.90 (incl. VAT). The Starter Kit consists of two MicroLink dLAN® duo adapters and is available for Euro 149.90 (incl. VAT). devolo offers a 3-year warranty on all products and its usual comprehensive support including their on-site service.

Network planning made easy

Under, devolo presents a free service for easy and convenient planning of a home or office network. The graphically appealing web site quickly guides users seeking help to a presentation that shows the ideal solution for their network All that is required is to enter the number of PCs, games consoles and printers that are to be networked and the type of Internet access that is available.