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Trade area / 01.08.2013

Symbiosis between smart home and smart grid at IFA: dLAN® Green PHY module from devolo speaks EEBus


Powerline specialist devolo is appearing as part of EEBus e.V. at IFA 2013. The trade fair presentation in Hall 3, Stand 190 demonstrates the benefits of the fusion of the smart home and smart grid to consumers as well as representatives from the industry. Using models as examples, the standards organisation shows how "smart" devices are already used to save energy and money, as well as the role EEBus plays as a universal language between individual household components and the smart energy network.

Smart home fuses with smart grid: The future speaks EEBus

Since 2012, powerline specialist devolo has been a member of EEBus e.V. and, together with its partners, set its sights on reaching global interoperability between components in a smart home and smart grid. Whether it is Smart TV, heating or photovoltaic systems - digitally controlled consumers and generators communicate with one another easily with the help of the EEBus middleware. The EEBus trade fair stand at IFA 2013 illustrates that this is no longer a vision of the future, but already provides consumers with many benefits. Based on several model scenarios, the exhibition demonstrates how the individual components of the smart home can communicate easily with each other and smart grid alike thanks to the "universal language" of EEBus.

devolo dLAN® Green PHY module makes housing technology smart

devolo developed its dLAN® Green PHY integration module to teach housing technology the language of EEBus. For a start, the module enables data transmission over household electrical wiring via powerline communication. It also controls communication with the EEBus server and, consequently, with the other components in the smart home as well. Manufacturers of housing technology could integrate the compact communication module into their electronics to ensure easy interaction in the digital home. A household device with the integrated dLAN® Green PHY module is continuously connected to all other smart home components by the module thanks to the EEBus translation system - very simply via the power outlet. This makes it possible to attain optimal automatic co-ordination among the individual electrical consumers in a household and with the smart grid of the future. The communicative coordination with the smart grid is also important for decentralised generators, such as photovoltaic systems so they can start, for example, by optimally distributing locally generated electricity to the close surroundings in order to minimise energy loss due to long powerline distances.

Open standard of communication thanks to EEBus e.V.

EEBus set the goal of implementing its solution concept as an open standard at the German, European and global level. The association now consists of more than thirty renowned companies involved in household appliance technology, home automation and building systems, as well as the energy supply, ISP and IT industries. The goal is to continuously develop and re-develop market-ready solutions, uniform interfaces and transparent methods for global interoperability between the smart home components and the smart grid. An important part of this is establishing EEBus as the standard of communication between all relevant "smart" components.devolo looks forward to your visit at IFA! To make an appointment related to devolo and EEBus e.V., please contact Mr Georg Offner (