Press release

Company / 17.04.2007

Sonaecom choose devolo in-house powerline adapter


Portuguese IPTV provider has decided on devolo dLAN Highspeed Adapter. Sonaecom, the Portuguese telecommunications company part of the Sonae Group, has decided on devolo dLAN Highspeed in house powerline adapters to provide their Clix SmarTV customers with IPTV in their homes. The dLAN adapters from devolo transport IPTV signals from the DSL modem to a TV set-top box via the household power circuit.

devolo AG, the leading European manufacturer of HomePlug® products, announced that it has been selected by Sonaecom to supply home networking solutions based on dLAN Highspeed for Sonaecom’s Clix SmarTV offer. Launched in April 2006, Clix SmarTV was the first and is currently the only IPTV service offered in Portugal, which has over 3.6 million households. One of the greatest challenges for IPTV until now was distributing the signal to the different rooms in a house. There is only one network technology which offers the necessary performance and which requires no configuration at all by the end customer. These are demands that other network technologies such as WLAN cannot meet. Just as impracticable is the laborious and expensive installation of network cables. Clix has chosen the ideal and supremely cost-effective solution with devolo‘s dLAN Highspeed adapters. The devolo adapters provide secure data transfer over the in-house powerlines and deliver the IPTV signals to every room in the house. With gross data transfer rates of up to 85 Mbps, the dLAN Highspeed adapters provide sufficient speed for the smooth playback of IPTV television channels.

dLAN technology—the convenient alternative

Not only is the configuration of dLAN technology far simpler, it also offers superior range and better transmission quality to WLAN because walls and ceilings are no barrier to dLAN. Also there is no installation necessary whatsoever. Clix customers who put devolo dLAN Highspeed adapters into operation for the first time will enjoy a true plug-and-play experience. "As one of Europe‘s leading suppliers of in-house powerline products, devolo was able to impress Clix with a corporate philosophy that promotes innovation, with high quality standards and years of experience. We vigorously pursued Clix because they are also a highly innovative company which is quick to offer its customers the very latest services", explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG.

Future standard solution for in-house networking

The devolo adapters are based on HomePlug®, an international standard which is supported by companies such as Sharp, LG Electronics, Samsung, Intel and Motorola. By using high-quality hardware, dLAN products can fulfil all of the demands made of a modern, high-performance in-house backbone. “dLAN is advancing to become the backbone of in-house networking of the future. This is why we expect more and more telcos to choose devolo and dLAN for IPTV," adds Harbers.