Press release

Private customers / 12.01.2010

Small, fast, compact - devolo presents new powerline adapter in mini format


The global market leader for powerline-based network solutions, devolo AG of Aachen, Germany, presents the first powerline adapter with ultra-compact dimensions - the dLAN® 200 AVmini. Due to its small depth of just 81 mm, the device with its high-quality, white piano finish look can be placed anywhere in the room in an unobtrusive manner. A new chip enables high transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps over even greater cable lengths. The integrated "Dynamic PowerSave" energy-saving function ensures especially energy-efficient operation. With Windows 7 support, the software suite of the dLAN® 200 AVmini is compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system and all other current Windows versions as well as Mac OS X and Linux.

devolo, the technological leader in the powerline market, presents an ultra-compact powerline adapter which represents the ideal entry-level solution into high-speed home networking at up to 200 Mbps—the dLAN® 200 AVmini. Thanks to the housing dimensions of just 90 x 58 x 29 mm and the elegant white finish, the dLAN® 200 AVmini almost blends in completely in front of any power outlet and additionally can be placed anywhere in the room. Due to a new chip design, the speed of data transmission across greater distances could be substantially increased. The dLAN® 200 AVmini works throughout the entire house—the latest member of the dLAN® 200 product family even overcomes power line lengths of 300 m effortlessly. As is the case with all dLAN® products, setting up the dLAN®200 AVmini is very easy. The 3-LED status display informs you about the device and connection status immediately after the adapter is plugged into the power outlet. Using the integrated encryption button, adding a computer or network-compatible device such as a printer, NAS hard drive or next-generation gaming console only requires three simple steps: plug the adapter into the power outlet, connect the device via the network cable to the adapter, press the encryption buttons—and you‘re done. AESpro encryption now ensures a secure connection to the Internet and the other computers in the LAN.

With "Dynamic PowerSave", devolo has developed the well-known PowerSave technology even further: an improved circuit design now allows automatic power savings of 60 percent. Dynamic PowerSave intelligently reduces energy consumption: the dLAN® 200 AVmini also switches into the energy saving deep-standby mode (patented by devolo) when the connected computer or network device connected to the adapter is switched to standby mode. The adapter is again available within a few seconds as soon as the network device is reactivated. As devolo AG CEO Heiko Harbers relates, "More and more people are using home networking via dLAN® as a powerful and simple option to connect all the network-compatible devices in the house." "The demand for an inexpensive solution with an unobtrusive, almost invisible housing is increasing with this trend. The dLAN® 200 AVmini by devolo is the perfect entry into the world of powerline home networking."

The dLAN® 200 AVmini will become available in January 2010. The adapter costs 59.90 euros individually and 109.90 euros as a starter kit with two adapters. The device is fully compatible with the dLAN® 200 AV product family adapters; devolo gives a 3-year warranty.