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Private customers / 15.10.2013

Powerline faster than ever before: devolo dLAN® 650+ available in stores starting immediately


dLAN® in the fast lane: devolo introduces a new dLAN® PLC Adapter generation for high-speed home networking via the power line in the form of dLAN® 650. For the first time you can connect computers, consumer electronics and smart home technology at up to 600 Mbps! The generation also features longer range with an improved transfer rate thanks to devolo‘s patent-pending range+ Technology. devolo is presenting the dLAN® 650+ as the first dLAN® 650 product, a compact adapter with a gigabit LAN port, integrated power outlet and mains filter.

Home networking kicked up a notch: dLAN® 650 the new dLAN® Powerline generation

Faster data transmission, longer range, new design: Powerline pioneer devolo presents its first adapter of the dLAN® 650 generation in the form of the dLAN® 650+. The new chip technology, in conjunction with gigabit Ethernet, enables communication at up to 600 Mbps using a home‘s power lines for the first time.

devolo range+ Technology for longer range

The focus during development centred on increasing the range in addition to maximum data transmission speed. Patent-pending range+ Technology enables dLAN® 650+ to network even distant rooms reliably. Powerline data communication over all three physical lines of a power circuit makes this possible. devolo developed its own patent-pending hardware design with a one-of-a-kind coupling exclusively used in the new dLAN® 650 adapters. Comprehensive field tests demonstrate the performance improvement from range+ Technology; devolo adapters consistently achieve better measurement results than competitor‘s products based on the reference design."Our patent-pending range+ Technology allowed us to focus on performance and range," explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "It is important to us that dLAN® Powerline also provides peak performance over long distances. We wanted to use range+ to make cutting-edge broadband Internet services such as IPTV products with 4K/3D content accessible in the highest quality in any room."

New adapter design with integrated electrical socket and mains filter

devolo is introducing a new adapter design with dLAN® 650: The sophisticated look meshes into a modern home environment seamlessly. One factor that makes this possible is the particularly energy-saving dLAN® chip which generates little heat, allowing us to eliminate the cooling slits on the sides of the adapter. Consuming just 3.9 watts (maximum) during operation and 0.7 watts in automatic standby, dLAN® 650+ is setting new top marks in this class. The Plus design offers additional advantages: The integrated electrical socket ensures that no power outlet in a room goes to waste. In addition, the integrated mains filter drastically improves data transmission via dLAN® Powerline. The devolo dLAN® 650+ will be available in stores starting in October 2013. The recommended retail price for a starter kit with two adapters is 129.90 euro. The single adapter for expanding your home network costs 69.90 euro.

dLAN® Powerline, simple home networking via the power line

The revolution for the power outlet: dLAN® Powerline from devolo uses household electrical wiring like a long network cable. Turn every power outlet into a network access point using a dLAN® adapter, letting you quickly and easily connect computers, consumer electronics and smart housing technology to each other and to the Internet. High transmission rate, secure encryption and simple installation for everyone make dLAN® Powerline the best home networking solution. With more than 18 million dLAN® adapters sold, devolo is the global market leader.