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Trade area / 03.09.2013

Performance improvement for dLAN® Powerline, devolo applies for a patent for range+ Technology - invitation to technical discussion at IFA


Having a comprehensive network for the digital home is becoming more and more important: Powerline specialist devolo is offering an easy-to-install home network for the entire home with its products for broadband Internet, Wi-Fi and satellite TV in any room. The new dLAN® generation, dLAN® 650, is showing enormous performance improvement thanks to devolo‘s patent-pending range+ Technology. This development from devolo not only provides a higher transmission rate, but also extends the dLAN® range. devolo invites interested journalists to a background discussion at IFA 2013.

Better, faster, further: dLAN® home network at 600 Mbps


Powerline pioneer devolo is introducing a new generation of home networking via the power line with dLAN® 650 and range+ Technology. Users get twice the benefit from the new adapter models at 600 Mbps: Data transmission is significantly higher and the range has been optimised, allowing users to overcome even the longest cable distances at home.

The dLAN® turbo: Patent-pending range+ Technology


range+ Technology achieves even higher performance by also taking advantage of the earth wire.This makes Powerline data communication possible over three physical lines on one electric mains circuit. The submitted patent relates to coupling the Powerline signal onto the earth conductor. devolo even developed its own hardware design for this, which is exclusively used in the new dLAN® 650 adapters. The initial tests demonstrate the performance improvement from range+ Technology; devolo adapters consistently achieve better measurement results than products based on the reference design.

Two dLAN® 650 adapters with range+ Technology to be launched

devolo will start offering the two first dLAN® 650 adapters with range+ Technology starting in Autumn 2013. dLAN® 650+ features a Gigabit LAN connection with integrated electrical socket and built-in mains filter. dLAN® 650 triple+ is a model with three Gigabit LAN ports.

Additional IFA highlights: Wi-Fi in any room, Sat TV from your power outlet

The best Wi-Fi for smartphones, tablets and laptops: devolo is using WiFi Move Technology to showcase the Wi-Fi revolution from the power outlet. The principle: The compact dLAN® 500 WiFi access point is simply used right where you do a lot of wireless surfing—giving you the best reception for your mobile devices.
devolo dLAN® TV SAT turns every wall outlet into an antenna socket. The main component of this scalable solution is a Powerline-based DVB-S2 tuner with SAT>IP support. By supporting the Sat>IP standard, dLAN® TV SAT enables (HD)TV signals to be streamed onto mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops with the free devolo app.

Invitation for journalists to IFA technical discussion

Do you have questions about simple home networking via the power line? devolo invites interested journalists to a personal technical discussion at IFA! You will find us in Hall 3.2, Stand 106. To schedule an appointment, please contact Frank Mischkowski (