Press release

Trade area / 10.08.2016

Our expectations for Gamescom 2016: New online title for PCs and consoles


Trailers, teasers, news and exclusive demos for upcoming games - these are the aspects likely to define Gamescom in Cologne. We are pretty sure of one thing above all: the majority of announcements will be online titles. devolo is presenting its dLAN® Powerline adapters as a high-performance and simple solution for connecting gaming consoles and mobile devices to high-speed Internet.

Online games with 1,200 Mbps dLAN® Powerline

The problem: We need a continuous Internet connection for many games but we don‘t have a network jack in every room. The solution: dLAN® Powerline from devolo. This amazing technology transmits network data at speeds up to 1,200 Mbps over the power line - and with extremely low latency. The network signal goes into the mains supply and comes back out later via a Powerline adapter.

The right adapter for every application

The market leader devolo has a large selection of adapters available - the right model for every application. The principle is always the same: An adapter is connected to the router using a network cable and plugged into a nearby wall socket. Then an additional adapter can be plugged into any other wall socket on the circuit to bring a quick and stable online connection to your desired gaming zone. This works with up to eight adapters per circuit.

Better than a repeater: WiFi via Powerline

For even more flexibility, devolo also provides adapters with a WiFi function. Unlike a repeater, however, these do not "extend" a signal that is already weak. They use the power lines to span long distances and then spread out a new, strong WiFi signal at the location of use. The fast WiFi ac also enables wireless bandwidths of over 1,000 Mbps. This allows mobile tablets, smartphones and gaming laptops to always have a fast Internet connection.

Patented technology from the market leader

devolo products feature exceptionally high quality and are easy to operate. As a technology and world market leader in the Powerline area, devolo makes use of numerous exclusive and patented functions for its adapters. This is one of the reasons why devolo developed range+ Technology. For ranges up to 400 m over the electrical wiring and stable connection quality.

Even more comfort and convenience with WiFi from devolo

devolo WiFi Move combines all of the WiFi networks in a household into unified WiFi coverage. This allows users to move around the house freely and always have perfect reception throughout the home.

An additional WiFi convenience function: WiFi Clone. devolo WiFi Clone lets all newly added devolo WiFi adapters exchange their WiFi credentials with the WiFi router simply at the press of a button as well as synchronise SSIDs, keys and settings, such as parental control and time control settings. This makes it possible to seamlessly integrate devolo adapters into a home network. In a few minutes, they are ready to use and the next online session can start immediately.

Perfectly prepared for the upcoming hits

Whether it involves the latest MMO, a download from platforms like Steam, GoG, Gamersgate or the Humble Store, or an upcoming blockbuster game from Gamescom, devolo puts gamers in a perfect position with its dLAN® Powerline adapters. Low latency, high bandwidth and maximum stability are the trademarks of Powerline adapters engineered in Germany. Gamers can then look forward to upcoming hits without worry when Gamescom opens its doors from August 18 to 21, 2016 and Cologne once again transforms into a Mecca for gamers around the world.

Prices and availability

dLAN® Powerline adapters are available in stores and online. The 1200 series is especially well-suited for gamers due to its high performance. A dLAN® 1200+ Starter Kit is available at the recommended retail price of 139.99 euros. A dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac Starter Kit with additional WiFi ac costs 189.99 euros (RSP). devolo provides a 3-year manufacturer‘s warranty on all adapters.