Press release

Private customers / 20.06.2013

Open-air surfing thanks to devolo - finally, Wi-Fi for your patio and balcony


Going surfing does not necessarily have anything to do with a surfboard. In our times of fast but volume-limited Internet rates for smartphones and tablets, it‘s hard to imagine life without continuous Internet access - whether indoors or outdoors. If you use your tablet intensively, however, you quickly run up against rate limits and are condemned to surf at a snail‘s pace until the end of the month. At home, at least, your mobile data plan can be spared thanks to the use of Wi-Fi. Yet along with summer comes the desire to use laptops, smartphones and tablets in the yard, out on the balcony or on the patio. Until now, a Wi-Fi home network was limited to indoor areas. The solution for the Wi-Fi (summer) gap comes with the dLAN® 500 WiFi from devolo. Simply plug the compact devolo Wi-Fi hotspots into an available wall outlet near the patio - and you‘ve already got a working Wi-Fi home network under the open sky!

Easily expand your Wi-Fi home network into the yard

Whether you want to follow current news, watch TV programmes from media libraries, stay in contact with friends on Facebook, read an online forum for gardening, or simply work in your open-air home office: There are many good reasons for being online outside. Starting immediately, all gardeners, patio surfers and balcony streamers will get the best Wi-Fi reception for smartphones, tablets and laptops in their favourite spot. devolo is hereby closing a huge gap with a small, smart Wi-Fi solution. With the dLAN® 500 WiFi, devolo is putting an end to weak Wi-Fi signals and is now bringing the best Wi-Fi reception to your garden, balcony or patio in no time.

A wall outlet is all you need for the best Wi-Fi reception

Unlike a central Wi-Fi antenna on an Internet router, the solution from devolo relies on many small Wi-Fi access points, which are located right where you most love to surf. That way your smartphones, tablets and laptops always have the best reception at home! From now on, by plugging a devolo Wi-Fi adapter into any wall outlet near the patio or in your summer house, you can even get reception outdoors. devolo uses your home‘s electrical wiring to connect its small Wi-Fi adapters; this method is called Powerline. This way data can go straight from the Internet connection to the Wi-Fi adapters, without being obstructed by thick walls or ceilings.

Outdoor Wi-Fi in no time

A Wi-Fi home network can be set up for outdoor use in no time: One adapter is connected to the router and plugged into an available wall outlet; the second is plugged in near the patio or balcony. The new Wi-Fi network is automatically detected by your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Now you just have to enter the password on the back of the adapter and then you‘ve established the wireless Internet connection. Even if you‘re no techie, this can all be done in a few minutes. For the best Wi-Fi in your home and yard, simply combine several of these adapters. Set-up only has to be carried out once, since all of your configuration details can be applied to all new adapters at the touch of a button.

The devolo dLAN® 500 WiFi is available in all electronics stores and online starting immediately. The starter kit costs 99.90 euros (recommended retail price); an individual supplementary adapter is available for 69.90 euros (recommended retail price). The network kit with three adapters is offered at 149.90 euros.