Press release

Private customers / 15.08.2006

New WLAN router from devolo – dsl+ 1100 WLAN with fast 125 Mbps and automatic WPA2 encryption


Premiere: Networking specialists from Aachen, Germany present their WLAN router / wireless USB stick combination. The networking specialist devolo further expands its product line with the dsl+ 1100 WLAN, their new WLAN router. The dsl+ 1100 WLAN is an ADSL2+ modem, WLAN router and 4-port switch in one. The first WLAN router from devolo features the forward-looking ADSL2+ technology which offers transfer rates of up to 25 Mbps. Included in the package is a wireless USB stick with which secure wireless connections are set up quickly and without complication. Simply plugging the USB stick into a notebook or PC automatically activates a WPA2-encrypted, 802.11g++ compliant (125 Mbps) WLAN connection. For those that prefer to connect their computers directly via network cable, the dsl+ 1100 WLAN also functions as a 4-port switch. The dsl+ 1100 WLAN will be retailing after August 2006 at EUR 149.90.

Networking has to be simpleThe dsl+ 1100 WLAN is the first WLAN router from devolo, the networking specialist based in Aachen, Germany. The dsl+ 1100 WLAN unites an ADSL2+ modem, a WLAN router and a 4-port switch in a single device. By extending its product portfolio, devolo aims to supplement its popular range of dLAN products, which transmit data over the household electricity circuit, with an alternative for home networking based on wireless LAN. Throughout this product’s development, the focus was on security and ease of use—true to the motto “networking has to be simple”. Setting up a wireless network with the dsl+ 1100 WLAN is extremely easy with the automatic self-installation and a detailed illustrated user guide. Anybody who was afraid to set up a WLAN network before now—be it for fear of technical problems or even data theft—now has just the right device in the dsl+ 1100 WLAN. A poster is enclosed which offers a step-by-step explanation on how to put the device into operation, and the automatic installation ensures that the connection is set up quickly and securely.

Automatic WPA2 encryption

Safe and simple! Setting up WPA2 encryption on the dsl+ 1100 WLAN is fully automated—in combination with the WLAN USB stick as supplied. Apart from using WPA2, connections can also be encrypted with WPA and WEP. And in the interests of meeting everybody’s needs, a variety of WLAN standards are supported—802.11g++ (125 Mbps), 802.11g (54 Mbps), and 802.11b (11 Mbps). Mixed operation with different connection speeds is possible as well. The integrated SPI firewall provides protection from attacks from the web.

Programmed for the future

The dsl+ 1100 WLAN and its integrated ADSL2+ modem are optimal equipment for the future. The dsl+ 1100 WLAN is ideally equipped for transferring high-definition video streams, Internet TV or VoIP. And with this technology, even playing the very latest online games won’t be dogged by data jams. It’s a clever piece of kit, as well: If both data and voice are being transferred through the network at the same time, the voice data is automatically given priority, which ensures that VoIP conversations are of a high quality.


The dsl+ 1100 WLAN from devolo will be retailing as of the end of August at a price of EUR 149.90.