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Company / 05.02.2015

New Powerline milestone: devolo ships over 25 million dLAN® adapters


With over 25 million dLAN® adapters shipped, devolo is setting a new milestone in the Powerline segment and simultaneously expands its position as global market leader. Today dLAN® products use the power line to connect all digital areas of the home—from computers and consumer electronics to smart home technologies. dLAN® Powerline provides data transmission which is particularly fast, stable and secure in the entire building—not least due to the numerous patented and exclusive devolo technologies. In addition to its in-house development, devolo works as part of the IEEE consortium and the HomePlug Alliance to play a key role in structuring future specifications for Powerline data communication and ensure that customers of today and tomorrow will have the greatest possible investment protection and optimum compatibility. "devolo now connects many millions of people all over Europe," says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG, commenting on the new record. "We will work at making access to WiFi, home network and Internet as convenient and reliable as possible for our customers in future, too."

devolo confirmed as global market leader

With over 25 million Powerline products shipped, devolo is masterfully expanding its position as global market leader in the Powerline segment. The Aachen-based company now connects many millions of households all over Europe and beyond by means of the dLAN® brand. Ever more people are relying on the easy home networking via power line and using it to connect consumer electronics, computers and smart home technologies with each other and to the Internet. No other company can demonstrate comparable expertise for a "home network via the power line"; what makes itself felt here above all is the longtime experience of devolo engineers as well as the strong in-house focus on the sustainability issue of home networking."The shipment of 25 million Powerline adapters is a new milestone in the history of devolo AG," comments CEO Heiko Harbers. "We are happy about the trust of users in our products and the growth which is driving the market of home networking all over Europe. Since its founding in 2002, devolo has stood for user-oriented communication solutions which provide genuine added value and can be installed without technical knowledge."

25 million success stories

The sales success is backed by 25 million success stories from people all over Europe who can rely on a simple, fast and secure home network with dLAN® Powerline. The creativity for putting it to use often has no bounds. In addition to classical scenarios such as connecting a computer, Smart TV and game console, devolo customers frequently also report about their creative use of the technology. Whether IPTV in a summer house, WiFi in a home office or Internet in a child‘s room to assist with homework—all the stories have one thing in common. Thanks to dLAN® Powerline, millions of people around the world now have Internet and WiFi where no other technology has been reliably available to date, and that entirely without costly construction measures. devolo has gathered many of these stories on its website as inspiration for other customers.

Customer-oriented products ‘Engineered in Germany‘

With over 90 engineers, devolo is constantly driving ahead the development of Powerline technology. This makes the company at its headquarters in Aachen the largest Powerline development team in the world. To establish international agreement between the various manufacturers, devolo is a member of the IEEE consortium and the HomePlug Alliance, where it works with others to develop global standards for PLC communication in the interests of its customers. Before a devolo adapter enters serial production, it is subjected to detailed performance and load tests in the in-house test centre after the careful development phase. This is how devolo ensures that the dLAN® adapters operate reliably even far after the three-year warranty period.

Europe-wide partnerships for research and development

In addition to products for end customers, devolo has also been involved in Europe-wide research projects for years. Together with partners from the fields of business, science and politics, and fostered by various programs of the German federal government and the European Union, devolo is developing important standards and hardware components for the smart grid, the intelligent power grid of the future. Aside from this, the expertise of devolo engineers is flowing into numerous customised projects for major customers (for example, in the business area of Internet service providers) and into the devolo PROFESSIONAL portfolio, which deals specifically with networking larger units such as company headquarters or hotels.

With 25 million adapters sold to end customers, devolo is now impressively highlighting its claim to supply the best and most reliable solutions whenever transmission of data via an existing cable infrastructure such as the power line is involved.