Press release

Private customers / 07.11.2016

New functions of devolo Home Control: greater comfort and convenience for every user


devolo Home Control continues to grow - not just in terms of devolo hardware, but also in the number and scope of software features. The developers in Aachen put more customer requests into effect and integrate practical innovations in the latest update.

Delayed rule execution and other improvements

Users of the new devolo Home Control Siren will be especially pleased by the latest innovation. Starting immediately, it is possible to delay the execution of rules. Home Control owners can for example simply press the wall switch and the house is set in alarm mode after a corresponding delay (such as twenty seconds). Enough time to shut the front door and avoid a false alarm. Using rules also becomes more flexible. The status of a rule (on or off) can now be applied as a condition of other rules. This makes even more complex scenarios possible than ever before, while naturally changing nothing about the simple set-up and operation of devolo Home Control.

Address details at registration now optional

Until now, it has been mandatory to give address details when setting up Home Control. This has the advantage of allowing devolo Home Control to offer numerous functions based on the location of installation. For example, these include the weather report with temperature messages, and from this point on also rules and scenes that the take into consideration the time of sunrise and sunset. Entering an address is now optional with the update in order to give customers a choice on this matter. Those who don‘t want to use these convenient functions simply leave the corresponding fields blank.

Notifications for users

Notifications now offer added comfort and security, as the new update makes it possible to store multiple e-mail addresses per user. Warning notices arrive quickly in any situation and reach multiple recipients simultaneously. In addition, a system message is now also enabled that warns if a component can no longer be reached by the central unit. This allows users to react quickly in order to solve the problem.

Additional update features

In addition to the expansions named here, devolo offers many more feature updates on its free Home Control software platform (app and online portal). The home event log function, for example, offers immediately noticeable modifications for your convenience.

Prices and availability

devolo Home Control is available in stores and online. A Home Control Starter Pack consisting of Central Unit, Door/Window Contact and Smart Metering Plug is available at a suggested retail price of 219.90 euros. Using mydevolo software (app and online portal) is free.