Press release

Company / 14.02.2007

New dLAN firmware from devolo: Speed optimisation for dLAN 200 AV products


Customers buying products from devolo AG can rely on after-sales service from the manufacturer. The network specialists based in Aachen, Germany, pioneers in HomePlug technology and market leaders in Europe, now supply a firmware update for the following products: dLAN 200 AV, dLAN 200 AVpro, dLAN 200 AVdesk and dLAN 200 AVpro i. These high-speed solutions enable data transfers at up to 200 Mpbs over in-house powerlines.

The latest firmware version 1.4.5 optimises the connection between installed adapters and the desktop devices connected to them. All versions of the Windows operating system benefit from an increase in SMB and TCP throughput, which brings greater speed for Windows file sharing, downloads, and Internet access. Additionally, the latest firmware version provides greater range, and connections between adapters are established more quickly.

A further new feature in the firmware is "Type of Service" (ToS), a new quality-of-service mechanism which mainly benefits the connection quality between VoIP applications. Customers of T-Home, Alice (Hansenet) and Maxdome will appreciate how this firmware has also been optimised for IP-TV applications.