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Trade area / 30.08.2016

New best in class: devolo is presenting dLAN® 550+ WiFi at IFA 2016


New from the Powerline world market leader at IFA 2016: devolo is presenting the dLAN® 550+ WiFi for the first time. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Aachen-based Powerline expert at IFA 2016 in Hall 6.2, Stand 128. Get an exclusive impression of the new dLAN® 550+ WiFi with devolo range+ Technology.

The new devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi: The best in the 500 class

The devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi is stepping up to become the new champion in the 500 Powerline class. It includes 2x2 antennas and fast 802.11n WiFi. This allows the dLAN® 550+ WiFi to supply current laptops, smartphones and tablets with a WiFi performance of up to 300 Mbps at a cable length of up to 400 meters. The integrated network connection is perfect for computers, smart TVs or game consoles. The new devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi uses the powerline to achieve a transmission capacity of up to 500 Mbps. Thanks to the integrated electrical socket with mains filter, you do not have to sacrifice a wall socket.

devolo range+ Technology: More stability, range and performance

When using devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi, the exclusive devolo range+ Technology ensures considerably more stability, range and performance compared to conventional Powerline adapters. range+ uses all three lines in the electrical circuit, making use of the full potential of the powerline. The new devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi offers sufficient performance for smooth HD streaming, online games and simultaneous web browsing.

Set-up is a breeze

Despite all of its technical sophistication and outstanding performance, the devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi is a breeze to set up—even without prior IT knowledge. Simply plug the first devolo adapter into an available power socket and connect it to the router via Ethernet cable. Then plug the second devolo adapter into a power socket in the desired room. And you‘re done.

devolo WiFi Clone and WiFi Move

devolo makes it extremely easy to integrate a WiFi Powerline adapter into an existing WiFi network using the WiFi Clone technology. To do this, first press the home symbol on the 550+ WiFi and then press the WPS button on the router. That‘s it! Now the devolo 550+ WiFi takes the WiFi access data (SSID and password) from the router. Advantage: The WiFi signal of the router and of the 550+ WiFi are the same and your WiFi devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops do not need to be configured for two different WiFi networks.

devolo is taking this a step further by offering WiFi Move technology. If you are using multiple devolo WiFi Powerline adapters at home, these adapters will also exchange WiFi configuration data with each other at the touch of a button. The result: Now all of your WiFi Powerline adapters come together to form one giant WiFi umbrella and your mobile WiFi devices will always switch to the strongest WiFi access point automatically. Even if the user is moving through the house, the signal is strong from the basement to the attic—and back. For top-performance WiFi Internet connection anytime and anywhere.

devolo press appointments at IFA 2016

Journalists have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with the devolo press team now. To do so, please send an e-mail to You can reach us via phone at +49 911 979 220-80. devolo looks forward to your visit at Hall 6.2, Stand 128.