Press release

Private customers / 16.06.2003

MicroLink dLAN products now available as bundle

devolo AG based in Aachen, Germany, has now extended its range of power-socket home-networking MicroLink dLAN ("direct local area network") with two new starter kits. These practical product bundles feature either two HomePlug Ethernet adapters or a combination of one Ethernet and one USB device. A price advantage of EUR 30 is available when compared to the purchase of two separate products.

Anybody wishing to extend their ISDN or DSL connection into any room in the house via the existing 230 V electricity circuit or wanting to interconnect several computers in a home network can now make an immediate start and save money doing it. "As at least two adapters are necessary, we can now react to the wishes expressed by a great number of our customers and supply bundles consisting of two products", said Heiko Harbers, devolo‘s CEO. The starter kits consist either of two MicroLink dLAN Ethernet adapters for a price of EUR 229.90 or of one Ethernet together with one USB adapter for EUR 199.90. This offers a saving of EUR 30 compared with a purchase of the devices individually.

Installation is child’s play thanks to the manual: The MicroLink dLAN Ethernet adapter is simply connected to the modem’s Ethernet connector using the cable supplied and then plugged into a power socket in the vicinity. Next, wherever the PC or gaming console happens to be, simply plug in the second adapter and connect it up via Ethernet or USB, depending on the model. After the menu-guided installation of the software the home network is immediately available for use.

"A great number of customers have confirmed that MicroLink dLAN works in any room, in older houses as well, and that the data transfer rates available are ample for connecting to high-speed DSL internet connections, even with several PCs or gaming consoles operating at once, " reports Harbers. Various magazines in their often exhaustive tests have reached the same conclusion, many of them even crowning the devolo products with test wins. MicroLink dLAN has also been widely praised for its simple installation and the excellent price-performance ratio. Heiko Harbers "Our new starter kits now being supplied to retailers will continue to strengthen our excellent position in the market." Test samples are available to the press upon request.