Press release

Private customers / 09.01.2003

MicroLink ADSL PCI card from devolo: Security included

The new MicroLink ADSL PCI card from devolo AG is compatible with Deutsche Telekom’s T-DSL and T-DSL 1500. Developed in-house by devolo, this product is available from retail outlets at EUR 79.00 and comes with a comprehensive software package. The Personal Firewall and the Virus Control program from Norman provide more security for your high-speed surfing.

One of the first ADSL PCI cards on the market comes from the successor to ELSA and is easily installed thanks to Plug&Play under Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows XP. “Our MicroLink ADSL PCI card supports the discrete multitone ADSL standard and Deutsche Telekom’s U-R2 specification for ADSL from T-Online, AOL, 1&1 and many other providers”, emphasised Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. It is also fully compatible with the higher-speed Internet access of T-DSL 1500 at 1500 Mpbs. “Our products are in-house developments and are subject to thorough quality assurance here in Germany to ensure optimal functionality with all operating systems, country versions and protocols”, underlined Harbers. It goes without saying that a two-year warranty applies.

The card is just inserted into a vacant PCI slot and the Plug&Play installation begins automatically. The installation wizard helps with the correct configuration of the ADSL Internet access, whereby a comprehensive list of providers helps with the protocol settings. No external power supply is necessary with this product, nor is any additional network interface card necessary for data transmission. Harbers: “The PCI interface takes care of everything”. Two status LEDs provide a constant overview of the data-transfer status.

A comprehensive software package is included. In addition to klickWeb, the modern version of the renowned classified directory, the package includes tried-and-trusted security programs: the Norman Personal Firewall protects your PC from hacker attacks from the Internet, and Norman Virus Control keeps destructive computer virus and Trojans away from your computer.