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Private customers / 27.05.2014

Just how hard is it to use Wi-Fi nowadays? A study by market research company GfK carefully examines the setup of wireless networks


Smartphones, tablets, laptops—more and more devices at home require a stable Wi-Fi connection that can be accessed from anywhere. Yet setting up a wireless home network is often anything but simple. In a representative study from GfK, more than 56% of respondents reported that they did not think installing their Wi-Fi connection was easy. More than half of them even needed help from someone else. Wi-Fi adapters from devolo put an end to all this by making Wi-Fi setup much more simple and standardised. For the first time, the new Wi-Fi Clone function on dLAN® 500 WiFi and dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ models makes it possible to securely expand your home network at the push of a button—even for people with little experience with computer networking. Never before has Wi-Fi been available to every room in your home so quickly, easily and securely.

Recent GfK study shows that Wi-Fi setup is too complicated

A recent representative GfK study clearly shows that setting up Wi-Fi connections is too complicated for many people in Germany. A total of 56.4% of respondents reported that they did not think setting up their wireless home network was easy. More than half of them even needed help from someone else. A total of 31.2% of respondents ascribed a high level of difficulty to setting up their Wi-Fi connection at home. Even after the wireless home network has been installed—with or without outside help—setup causes a lot of headaches for many users: On the one hand Wi-Fi should be quick and secure and on the other hand it should accessible in any room of the home.

devolo provides the simplest and most effective way to extend your Wi-Fi

dLAN® 500 WiFi and dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ Wi-Fi adapters provide a fast, secure and stable wireless home network to any room in your home. The Aachen-based network specialist devolo has simplified setup for both of its Wi-Fi models via the new Wi-Fi Clone function. This new, simple setup allows Wi-Fi access data to be transferred securely from a router to devolo Wi-Fi access points at the push of a button. There is no need for complicated configurations. This provides the highest quality Wi-Fi connection to any room in your home. devolo WiFi adapters optimally integrate the Wi-Fi router. Terminal devices only "see" one network. There is no need to enter access data again. Ideal for stress-free surfing with your smartphone, tablet and laptop in any room.

Higher performance than conventional WiFi repeaters

Rather than using a central router to supply every room with access like a traditional Wi-Fi setup, devolo provides a solution with distributed access points. The access points interact with the Wi-Fi router to form a large, shared Wi-Fi network. Mobile devices search for the strongest access point, always giving you the perfect connection.

The wireless Wi-Fi access points connect to the Internet using Powerline technology, home networking via electrical wiring. Powerline is not weakened by thick walls or reinforced concrete ceilings, so every access point utilises all of the Internet connection bandwidth. This is the complete opposite of conventional Wi-Fi repeaters, which simply boost a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi easily available in any room

Setting up a secure Wi-Fi extension has never been easier. You don‘t even need a computer to use devolo Wi-Fi Clone. The setup can be initiated at the push of a button and doesn‘t require any specialised knowledge. The first step involves plugging a Wi-Fi adapter, such as the dLAN® 500 WiFi, into a power outlet near the router. Pressing the encryption key on the adapter and the "WPS" key on the router causes the dLAN® adapter to take over the router‘s Wi-Fi configuration. Then the dLAN® 500 WiFi can be placed anywhere in your home and acts as a Wi-Fi access point. If more Wi-Fi adapters shall be added later, they can simply be plugged into any power outlet and take on the Wi-Fi configuration automatically.

New functions for devolo Wi-Fi adapters

Along with the Wi-Fi Clone function, devolo has integrated other new functions and improvements into its Wi-Fi adapters. Both models feature advanced Wi-Fi time control, which provides users with a more individualised experience.

Devolo customers already using dLAN® 500 WiFi or the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapters can simply update features by installing the new v3.0.0 firmware. The easiest ways to update are by using our free devolo Cockpit software available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu) or downloading it directly from the devolo website. The devolo Cockpit software can be downloaded from