Press release

Company / 25.10.2005

ISPs opt for devolo HomePlug Highspeed adapters to stream video over the powerline


One of the world‘s largest European telecommunications companies has opted for HomePlug adapters of the MicroLink dLAN Highspeed series from devolo to provide their customers with Internet television (IP-TV) in house. The dLAN adapters from devolo transport IP-TV signals from the DSL modem to a TV set-top box via the household power circuit.

devolo AG, the worldwide leading manufacturer of HomePlug products, has won a major customer. This French telecommunication company offers IP-TV services in combination with dLAN Highspeed adapters from the communications specialists based in Aachen, Germany. One of the greatest challenges for IP-TV until now was the distribution of the signal to the different rooms in a house. Popular network technologies such as WLAN failed because they do not provide uninterrupted video transmission. This new ISP partner has found the ideal solution with the dLAN Highspeed adapters from devolo: These adapters offer secure data transfer via the household power circuit, thus providing signals to every room in the house. With data rates of up to 85 Mbps, the new dLAN Highspeed adapters provide sufficient bandwidth to stream two television channels simultaneously. Moreover, it is a real plug & play solution !

“devolo is Europe’s leading supplier of HomePlug products and was able to convince with a corporate philosophy that promotes innovation. We could convince our customer because devolo is a highly innovative company that offers its customers the very latest services at an early stage", explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. “IP-TV is mainly dependant upon an uninterrupted data transfer. Only reliable network products such as the HomePlug adapters from devolo can meet these demands. As no network cables have to be laid, installation is simple and customers can easily take care of it themselves.”

The products from devolo are built around chips from the American manufacturer Intellon, the worldwide leading supplier of HomePlug chips. Intellon’s chips have become the standard in HomePlug technology. By using high quality hardware, dLAN technology can fulfil all of the demands made of a modern, high performance home network. “HomePlug is advancing to become the backbone of in-house networking in the future. We are expecting to support further projects of this type in the near future and are already in talks with leading telecommunications providers worldwide”, adds Heiko Harbers.

HomePlug is a standard, developed by the “HomePlug Powerline Alliance” that makes use of the in-house electrical wiring for data transfer. The power circuit forms the infrastructure of the data network. The data are available in every room, at every power socket. Like any normal plug, the adapters are plugged into the power socket and are then connected to the network adapter of a computer with a network cable.

IP-TV is the broadcast of television content over the worldwide standard Internet Protocol (IP). These television signals are no longer limited to standard TV sets; they can be received by PCs, notebooks, PDAs or other digital devices. Broadcasting can be based on DSL, cable or satellite.