Press release

Company / 30.04.2003

HomePlug adapter MicroLink dLAN now available


Power-socket network now a reality. devolo AG based in Aachen, Germany, announce the immediate availability of their HomePlug adapter MicroLink dLAN and MicroLink dLAN USB (direct local area network) in retail outlets. These adapters allow the easy interconnetion of any number of PCs via the household electricity circuit. The Ethernet adapter is available with a recommended retail price of EUR 129.90 and the USB adapter for EUR 99.90.

No need to wait any longer: The HomePlug adapters MicroLink dLAN and MicroLink dLAN USB from devolo AG based in Aachen, Germany, are immediately available for purchase from specialist resellers and well-known retailers. “After announcing these new products and presenting them to the public at the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover, Germany in March, we were overwhelmed by a wave of orders”, said a satisfied Heiko Harbers, devolo’s CEO. There was also a great response from consumers and business partners at the trade show itself. “I’ve been waiting for this product for a long time so that I can at last extend my DSL connection to the room where my PC is, quickly and effortlessly“, Harbers quoted an enthusiastic visitor to the CeBIT.

The power-socket network was also well received by the media. Several television and radio programs, online news services, daily newspapers and specialist magazines have published reports about the MicroLink dLAN and many have thoughroughly tested the products. “We were unable to crash the network or even to cause a noticeable drop in data rates, despite various attempts at sabotage”, reported one journalist with some regret. The new devolo product has achieved top positions in several tests in well-known magazines, and has even been crowned with test wins.

Just days after the launch of MicroLink dLAN products, many distributors reported a total sell-through of stocks. “In the meantime we have reached an agreement with our chip supplier Intellon to ensure that a sufficient number of adapters will be available in retail channels”, reports Heiko Harbers. To help handle the enormous number of requests for information on HomePlug technology, devolo has published a list of frequently asked questions on their homepage under