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Private customers / 17.12.2004

Home networking over the power circuit now available to Mac users, too


devolo MicroLink HomePlug adapters now feature Mac support. In good time for Christmas, Germany’s market leader for HomePlug products devolo has a treat for Mac users. Effective immediately, the renowned MicroLink dLAN® range of devices now support the current Mac operating systems. The devices were suitable for use with Mac OS X in the past. However, the installation and setting passwords required the initial use of a Windows PC. This situation has been solved by the connectivity specialists. There is now MicroLink dLAN installation software for setting passwords on Apple computers.

All devolo products launched in 2004 are suitable for use with Mac OS X. These include the MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router, the MicroLink ISDN Router and the MicroLink dLAN ISDN Router.

“An ever increasing number of people use Apple computers in the home, and they want to network them with the least possible complication”, explains Christoph Rösseler, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at devolo. “This form of networking is the simplest of solutions—it makes use of the wiring that exists in the household power circuit.”

This is why the market-leader for HomePlug adapters is also the first to offer all-round Mac OS X support with its new MicroLink dLAN® Wizard, available now.

At the centre of the devolo philosophy is the customer’s desire for devices that are easy to install and operate. Self-explanatory installation menus, configuration tools, detailed manuals and a Support Hotline that is available weekdays from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. help the customer if questions should arise. “The services we offer, our quality-control regime and software developed in-house clearly differentiate our products from the competition”, emphasises Christoph Rösseler.

Prices and availability

The dLAN Mac Package 1.0 is available for immediate free download from