Press release

Private customers / 19.01.2005

High-speed: devolo accelerates to 85 Mbps with new HomePlug adapters


MicroLink dLAN® Highspeed sends even larger amounts of data over the electricity circuit. After two years of HomePlug standard 1.0, Aachen’s technology leader devolo shifts up a gear in a resolute move towards the digital home with the MicroLink dLAN® Highspeed Ethernet and MicroLink dLAN® duo. The new high-speed solution enables data transfers at up to 85 Mpbs over the household electricity circuit. MicroLink dLAN® duo works with the HomePlug 1.0 standard and unites USB and Ethernet interfaces in a single device.

Interested home users and technology enthusiasts can take a first look at the two new MicroLink dLAN® products from devolo at this year’s CeBIT 2005 in March. And taking a look is well worthwhile as the new MicroLink dLAN®-Highspeed adapters increase data transfer rates via the household electricity supply from 14 Mbps to a solid 85 Mbps. Whereas the main focus of HomePlug adapters until now was on the “Internet extension”, this new increased data rate now opens up a whole new range of possibilities. The new high-speed standard ensures that PCs can exchange even large files over the electricity supply without those long waits. Film fans can send videos in DVD quality through the household electricity circuit. In combination with IP-TV, video on demand is an impressive experience anywhere in the home—wherever there’s a power socket. And best of all: the new high-speed products are fully compatible to the existing HomePlug 1.0 devices from devolo.

Home networking without drilling or laying new cables

An ever increasing number of experts acknowledge that HomePlug technology has the brightest future in home networking. As opposed to conventional Ethernet cables, HomePlug has the advantage of being available everywhere and, in comparison to wireless LAN, it offers far better ranges through walls and ceilings. The simplest possible solution for networking PCs and other entertainment electronic devices such as stereo systems or modern DVD players is to use the building’s existing electricity circuit. With the new high-speed standard, devolo is raising the bar again to make conventional Ethernet cabling superfluous.

MicroLink dLAN® duo—Ethernet and USB in one device

Regardless of the introduction of the new HomePlug high-speed standard, devolo continues to support its HomePlug-1.0 product portfolio, a fact graphically demonstrated by new developments with the two products MicroLink dLAN® Ethernet and MicroLink dLAN® USB. These two HomePlug adapters are now combined in the new MicroLink dLAN® duo—with Ethernet and USB in a single device. Customers in retail outlets now no longer have to decide which dLAN® HomePlug adapter with which interface they would like to use at home. An adapter that is inactive for a longer period of time automatically switches to standby mode to the benefit of the electricity bill.

Prices and availability

Prices and availability of the products MicroLink dLAN® Highspeed Ethernet and MicroLink dLAN® duo will be announced at this year’s CeBIT (10.03.2005 – 16.03.2005) in hall 15, booth D11. If you wish to learn more about the latest devolo products at CeBIT, please make use of the attached fax form or simply write an e-mail to expressing your preferred appointment time.