Press release

Private customers / 12.11.2013

High-performance Powerline adapter with Wi-Fi access point for professional use: devolo introduces the dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ to the market


devolo is expanding its dLAN® PROFESSIONAL portfolio to include a powerful adapter with an integrated Wi-Fi access point. The dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ is ideal for all commercial environments where no conventional network jacks are found. Connected to the network over a building‘s power lines, the dLAN® pro adapter provides three LAN ports for stationary devices, and one Wi-Fi access point with MIMO antenna technology for connecting mobile devices. With the professional administration interface, dLAN® AVpro manager makes it possible to configure and remotely maintain the dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ optimally for its intended application.

dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ connects dLAN® Powerline and Wi-Fi 802.11n

devolo developed the dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ with the aim of offering a complete communication solution for all spaces in which a conventional network connection is not available. The compact wallplug adapter provides three integrated Fast Ethernet network connections for computers, VoIP phones and network printers. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops can connect to Wi-Fi. The integrated Wi-Fi module is based on IEEE 802.11n standards and provides excellent send and reception performance at up to 300 Mbps with MIMO antenna arrangement supporting 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Integrated electrical socket and mains filter

With its integrated electrical socket, installing the adapter in rooms where wall outlets are scarce is not a problem. Furthermore, the integrated mains filter optimises powerline data transmission by reliably eliminating interference in the mains circuit which can be caused, for example, by power supply adapters.

Professional Wi-Fi access point with granular access control

The dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ is designed for use in both office and production areas. Its compact adapter is perfect for a company‘s public areas and can be configured quickly with a ‘guest network‘ with limited access rights. Multiple SSIDs can be assigned to each access point, and it is even possible to set up VLANs with granular hierarchies and access levels. This makes it possible to create a separate, public wireless network for guests, which does not allow access to the intranet, for example. Furthermore, individual network resources can be assigned to different user groups. These can be separated spatially within a company, for example to allow a part of the logistics department, located in the main building, to virtually access the same network that is accessed by colleagues in a neighbouring stock room. The ability to use the dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ as a reliable Wi-Fi bridge between multiple buildings (and building areas) makes the compact dLAN® PROFESSIONAL adapter an exceptionally versatile solution for efficient corporate networks.

Advanced configuration and easy remote management

The dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ can be configured and maintained using dLAN® AVpro manager. This high-performance, remote management tool offers valuable support to administrators for configuring and maintaining the Powerline network. Not only can dLAN® Professional installations be controlled efficiently, but they can also be customised and adapted to specific situations. For example, adapter functions such as PowerSave mode, the encryption button and the status LED can be disabled. The administrator does not even have to be located in the same building. The remote maintenance feature of the dLAN® AVpro manager allows access from anywhere where an Internet connection is available. As such, a company in charge of the installation of the network can carry out all administrative tasks remotely.

The devolo dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ will be available in specialist stores by the end of October, 2013. The Starter Kit for configuring a professional powerline network costs 169.90 euro. Single adapters for extending an existing dLAN® PROFESSIONAL installation cost 129.90 euro.

The professional powerline network for business applications

devolo has developed dLAN® PROFESSIONAL for Powerline use in commercial areas. Cost-efficiently, a new network can be established or an existing one extended by taking advantage of the flexible connections provided by a building‘s existing wiring. In addition to its data transmission rates dLAN® PROFESSIONAL offers security and stability. The 128-bit AES encryption secures all data from unauthorised access, and WPA2 and WPA2 Enterprise encryption methods provide the best Wi-Fi protection available. Also, the Quality of Service performance feature guarantees automatic data prioritisation for uninterrupted real-time services.