Press release

Smart Grid / 30.05.2016

GreenTec Awards: devolo wins with the ENERGY-project one of the coveted awards GreenTec.


Renowned award for ENERGY project. devolo AG accepts, on behalf of the consortium of the ENERGY project, Europe‘s largest environmental and economic prize. The jury of GreenTec Awards honors with this award the commitment of the consortium for the exploration of innovative methods for management of the power grid. With the practical knowledge of the project, future expansion of the electricity grid will be far more targeted, cost saving and environment protective. For data communication in the smart grid, the devolo G3-PLC modem 500k has been proven.

Award for the ENERGY project

The GreenTec Awards honor every year innovative products and projects that point the way to an environmentally conscious future. With its high media attention the GreenTec Awards are an important platform to gain maximum public awareness for green ideas. 1,000 invited guests, 100 media representatives, a green carpet and the impressive stage program ensured a glamorous evening at Europe‘s largest environmental and economic price. Heiko Harbers, founder and CEO of devolo AG, received on the climate neutral Gala the coveted olive wood trophy. "We are extremely pleased about the jury‘s decision. With the ENERGY project we set the necessary basis for a green electricity future today", explains Heiko Harbers visibly satisfied at the edge of the Gala.

With ENERGY into smart grid

In the ENERGY project, the state of the power system is detected in real time. These are measured at relevant points with network analyzers. Their data is sent immediately to the network operator by means of power line communication. New computer-aided analysis methods enable direct reaction to unpredictable fluctuations. Due to such measures of the network, expansion is done purposefully, costs are reduced and the environment is protected. This is an important contribution to the development of renewable energy within the meaning of the energy revolution.

Network status monitoring with G3 Powerline

devolo AG tested and optimized in this project, the powerline communications in real time. The devolo G3-PLC modem 500k operates in the frequency band 150-500 kHz and convinces in real-time communication with a very high distance range. Measuring instruments for the power grid are simply connected via Ethernet or serial interface with a devolo G3-PLC modem. The modem modulates the data to the existing power line. Thus, the data is transferred securely and reliably to a local substation, from where they are transmitted via fiber optic to the network operator. Data communication via G3 Powerline technology does usually not require repeater(s). It is therefore a rapidly installed and cost effective form of communication for the smart grid.