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Private customers / 19.09.2019

Free update to the devolo Home Network app makes it easier and more user-friendly

Free update to the devolo Home Network app makes it easier and more user-friendly

Aachen, Germany, 19 September 2019 – devolo is making the 5.3 update available. This update boosts convenience for the user while simplifying operation. It also serves as a reminder from devolo that new functions are being added to the Home Network app all the time, turning it gradually into a central user tool of devolo Home Networking products.

New convenient features

This new update is free of charge and adds further transparency to the devolo Powerline network. As of now, the current Powerline speeds are displayed directly on the overview page of the Home Network app, which allows customers to quickly assess the performance of their home networks. In just a moment, transfer speeds can be checked at various power sockets with ease. A new feature in the Home Network app is the “Expert Mode” which has been introduced and can be enables under the "Settings" menu.

In the Home Network app, the 5.3 update also provides seven languages for the LAN adapters: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. Language settings can be altered simply in the app. This update is devolo’s way of offering an upgraded user experience for easy set-up and operation of the devolo home network.

New installation wizard for dLAN users

With the latest firmware update, dLAN users are also able to use the Home Network app. In the mid-term it will replace the mydevolo app that users are currently accustomed to using. The latest firmware update and the Home Network app now gives dLAN customers access to the installation wizard. The wizard offers dLAN users step-by-step instructions on installing and setting up the dLAN 550 WiFi, 550+ WiFi or 1200+ WiFi ac adapters. The wizard is helpful not only during the initial installation, but also when expanding an existing dLAN network.

Owners of dLAN products can visit the devolo website for all information about the process of updating to the latest firmware version.

devolo Magic: prices and availability

The devolo Magic adapters are available as the Magic 1 and Magic 2 versions and can be purchased in stores and online. If you are looking to set up a new Magic home network, the Starter Kit with two adapters is recommended. The products retail at 199.90 euros for the devolo Magic 2 WiFi and 149.90 euros for the devolo Magic 1 WiFi. The adapters are also available individually for expanding your home network. In addition, the devolo Magic 1 and Magic 2 series are also available as LAN-only systems.