Press release

Private customers / 14.06.2013

Free functional enhancement for dLAN® LiveCam from devolo - software for Windows and Linux now available


The dLAN® LiveCam from devolo is receiving its first major functionality update. Starting immediately, Windows software for receiving live video signal on laptops or desktop computers is available for download, free of charge for all users. With this software, devolo is meeting the wishes of numerous customers who want to use the camera on their desktop computer as well as on their tablet or smartphone. This Windows software functions flawlessly in the Ubuntu Linux "Wine" environment as well.

Greatest ease of set-up and operation, now for desktop computers as well

As always, easy and intuitive set-up and operation was the devolo software developers‘ prime focus when developing this Windows program. Installing the PC software takes less than a minute, even for non-techies. The hardware installation - if not done already - practically goes even faster: simply connect the camera to the mains supply at the location of use, connect a Powerline adapter to the router and plug into any power outlet. The connection is established. The user then simply enters the access data recorded on the underside of the LiveCam in the software - and the live video stream is available anywhere in the world.

Convenient remote control via dLAN® LiveCam

With this Windows/Linux software, all functions from the familiar devolo app for smartphones and tablets are also available to the desktop user. This of course includes live access to the current video image from the camera, as well as options such as video resolution selection, manual or automatic infrared LED activation for optimal night-time image transmission, contrast settings and much more. Of course, the dLAN® LiveCam can also be used simultaneously with the app - for access to the video stream via your smartphone or tablet while on vacation, for example.

dLAN® LiveCam with continuous functionality updates

"I am excited that we are able to fulfil a frequently expressed customer request with this first functionality update. We‘ve now made the dLAN® LiveCam ‘fit‘ for Windows and Linux computers as well," explained Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "For one, we are offering a cost-free functionality expansion for those customers who already have our camera. In addition, we of course are hoping to get completely new groups of potential buyers excited about the LiveCam." devolo will be continuously expanding the LiveCam‘s functionality in the coming months as well - for example, with support for Mac OS X computers in summer of this year.

Windows version functions flawlessly within the Ubuntu Linux "Wine" environment

The current PC software for the dLAN® LiveCam is compatible with the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems and with current Ubuntu Linux versions. It functions flawlessly in the Ubuntu Linux "Wine" environment (Windows emulation). Starting immediately, the software is available at as a free download, with two different versions available. The first version is intended for installation on a personal desktop or laptop and is installed with a simple double-click. Version two makes sense for installation on a work computer, for example, since it does not require administrative rights. It takes the form of a zip file containing all necessary data for a locally executable version.

For newcomers to the dLAN® LiveCam cosmos, the dLAN® LiveCam Starter Kit, consisting of camera and adapter for Internet connection, is available for 129.90 euros (recommended retail price) at electronics dealers, in electronics stores or online. Those who already have a dLAN® Powerline network can purchase a stand-alone camera for 99.90 euros (recommended retail price).