Press release

Private customers / 14.03.2018

Fast access to Home Control: devolo launches new Android app update


Home Control, the simple Smart Home by devolo, offers numerous smart components in the areas of security, energy savings and comfort. Now, controlling the intelligent home is even more convenient for Android users. With the latest update, the app can be configured to install a Home Control widget on the Android home screen. The practical feature provides even faster access to the most important Home Control functions.

More convenient operation with the new Android widget

The current update of the Android app makes the operation of Home Control even faster and more convenient. From now on, the Home Control app does not even have to be started in order to view the house (for example) or to play back a scene simply and quickly. In the Home Control widget, which is permanently placed on the home screen dashboard, Android users can simply touch the respective icon of the smart device or the function (scene, rule, time control setting) to turn these on and off or, for example, to quickly adjust the radiator to the most comfortable temperature.

The user itself determines which devices, scenes, rules, groups or time control settings are displayed on the widget. Quick access to the thermostat in the bathroom is available here, as is the activation of an "Alarm" rule in order to protect one‘s home from unwelcome guests. Other possible capabilities are shutting off all lamps for sleeping or a quick check of whether all windows are indeed closed. Another advantage: Operation of the widget does not require much battery power. If it is not used for extended periods, it transitions to sleep mode and uses less energy.

Last but not least, a widget can be permanently displayed on the screen. This is extremely useful, especially when used in conjunction with an Android tablet. If the tablet is mounted in a central position in a flat or house, all users can access Home Control quickly and easily.

Improved feedback function

The update in the Android app itself brings an innovation: users of the Home Control app can easily, quickly and conveniently turn a desired element on or off (device, scene, rule, group, time control setting) by tapping the icon. The Android app now provides better feedback when playing back Home Control scenes too. During the playback of a scene, the user also receives visual feedback in the app.

devolo Home Control: greater comfort and convenience, security and efficient energy savings

devolo Home Control is a comprehensive Smart Home solution developed in Germany. Currently, it is comprised of twelve different components. The Starter Pack with a Home Control Central Unit, Door/Window Contact and Smart Metering Plug is available for 219.90 euros (RSP). Compatible products from third-party vendors can also be integrated into the system. This includes, in principle, all Z-Wave certified devices and the Philips HUE smart lighting control. This means users have hundreds of products available for making a very personalised smart home. Home Control can be controlled from the Home Control app and the my devolo online portal.