Press release

Private customers / 17.11.2016

Enjoy opening your utilities statement: Saving energy with devolo Home Control


Winter is coming, and that means it‘s time to reconsider our energy consumption habits: Where are the old energy-hogging appliances? What everyday habits and behaviours might be harbouring potential for energy savings? Where could heating costs be cut by making small adjustments? For this last question in particular, devolo Home Control offers both a suitable and smart solution, as this is where the potential for energy savings is greatest. This makes the utilities statement a happy event.

Large savings potential with intelligent home automation

For many customers, the ability to cut heating costs is as important as the huge benefit of everyday comfort. Independent studies show a savings potential of 20 to 30% depending on the size of the home and the living situation. Thus, investing in a smart heating solution pays off quickly: Expensive heating is turned down during the day, while the home offers comfort and warmth in the evening. Even accidentally heating while a window is open becomes a problem of the past, thanks to the combination of smart thermostats and window contacts from devolo. In summary, users of a devolo Home Control radiator control system enjoy three simultaneous benefits: more everyday comfort, lower heating costs and a meaningful contribution to protecting the environment.

Smart radiator control in a few easy steps

Any user can configure and operate devolo Home Control with ease and online at There you can create all the important time controls and if-then rules with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. For example, you can create a rule that connects devolo Door/Window Contacts with devolo Radiator Thermostats: If a window is opened, the radiator is automatically shut off in that room—and as soon as the window is closed, the radiator thermostat increases the target temperature again. A helpful, convenient display presents the timer functions for various radiator thermostats. Based on the day of the week, the right comfortable temperature can be set at just the right time. In the morning, your home is pleasant and warm, while energy is saved during the day and just the right temperature is achieved again when someone returns home from work or school. The intuitive user interface from devolo Home Control can be tested at no charge at

One step to turn a home into a smart home with devolo Home Control

devolo Home Control provides a smart home with intuitive operation, featuring easy installation for equipping, upgrading or retrofitting residential properties and rental flats. The easy-to-use mydevolo software and high-quality hardware components make it a snap to transform your home into a smart home. Along with convenience and security, the concept of smart energy savings takes top priority in devolo‘s product portfolio. With components such as Door/Window Contacts, Radiator Thermostats and Room Thermostats, the convenient radiator controls can be configured with high energy savings potential in just a few minutes.

Prices and availability

All components necessary for radiator control with devolo Home Control and many other Home Control components are available in stores and online. The devolo Home Control Starter Set consisting of the Central Unit, Door/Window Contact and Smart Metering Plug is available at a recommended retail price of 219.90 euros. Individual Door/Window Contacts, Radiator Thermostats and Room Thermostats cost 49.90 euros, 69.90 euros and 99.90 euros respectively. Every devolo Home Control component comes with a three-year manufacturer‘s warranty.