Press release

Private customers / 19.08.2014

dLAN® 1200+ from devolo - for the first time, transmit data easily over the power line at speeds up to 1.2 gigabits per second


With the dLAN® 1200+, devolo presents the first dLAN® adapter of the gigabit generation. After the success of the dLAN® 650 series, devolo is now doubling the speed of its Powerline adapters, surpassing the gigabit boundary. The first adapter of the new generation offers users a bandwidth of up to 1200 Mbps. This is possible because of the combination of devolo range+ Technology and the newest Powerline chip generation. The extremely high-performing electronics now enable MIMO technology to also be used in Powerline data transmission. The dLAN® 1200+ is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to transport large amounts of data on their home network and bridge large distances. The "Generation Gigabit" from devolo makes maximum bandwidth available in any room of the home.

12 years of expertise = 1.2 gigabit bandwidth

devolo AG has been an expert in Powerline communication for twelve years. No other company has specialised so greatly in easy data transmission via power lines. There are currently over 70 employees at the corporate headquarters in Aachen, Germany, alone working in the field of Research and Development. Their combined expertise can be seen in the hardware, firmware and software of the devolo Powerline adapters. Their objective is to continuously maintain and expand both the market leadership and technological leadership of the company. This is impressively demonstrated in the dLAN® 1200+: For the first time devolo brings an adapter to the market that allows data transmission of up to 1.2 gigabits per second.

Fast, economical, easy

With transmission rates extending into the gigabit range, devolo opens up a new dimension in Powerline communication. The dLAN® 1200+ with 1.2 Gbps is not only the fastest but also the most stable dLAN® adapter with the widest coverage of all time thanks to range+ Technology including MIMO. The best possible quality of broadband Internet is thus available at every power outlet of the home.Furthermore, the devolo engineers have been successful in lowering the adapter‘s power consumption, despite doubling the speed. When operating, the dLAN® 1200+ uses a maximum of 4.2 watts. If the connected terminal device is switched off, the adapter also automatically goes into standby mode and saves even more energy working with 0.7 watts.One thing about the dLAN® 1200+ has not changed, and for good reason: installation is still as easy as you would expect from devolo. One adapter is connected to the router using the Ethernet cable provided and plugged into a nearby power outlet. The user follows a similar procedure to connect the second one to the terminal device and the network connection is already available. devolo recommends also activating the 128-bit AES encryption by touching the button. This makes unauthorised access to the network even more difficult.

Gigabit Ethernet and integrated electrical socket with child-safety feature

To live up to the high performance of the Powerline chip, the dLAN® 1200+ is equipped with a gigabit Ethernet connection. A corresponding gigabit Ethernet cable is provided with every dLAN® 1200+.For additional performance optimisation, the adapter has an integrated electrical socket. This provides the advantage of no power outlet going to waste for the user. Furthermore, the integrated electrical socket is equipped with a high-performance mains filter that reliably prevents possible interference from other devices connected to the mains circuit. For maximum security, the integrated electrical socket also has a child-safety feature.

Compatible with dLAN® 200, 500 and 650, availability and price

The new devolo dLAN® 1200 generation is fully compatible with all dLAN® 200, dLAN® 500 and dLAN® 650 models and additional Powerline adapters in accordance with the HomePlug AV(2) standard. The sales launch will take place in September 2014. The adapter can also be used as a Starter Kit for setting up a home network and as an individual device for adding to an existing Powerline installation. The Starter Kit is offered at 139.90 euros, the single adapter costs 74.90 euros.