Press release

Private customers / 15.11.2002

devolo‘s new MicroLink ADSL Modem Router-three devices in one


High-speed ADSL modem, router, and 4-port switch in a single device—the new MicroLink ADSL Modem Router lets multiple users share a single ADSL connection for simultaneous high-speed surfing together. Available from specialist resellers for EUR 199.90, this combination of devices is equipped with an integrated firewall and IP masquerading for optimised security.

“Our new product puts an end to cable-chaos on the desktop”, promises Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG in Aachen, Germany. Three devices are housed in the plastic casing measuring 16.9 x 13.4 x 4.0 cm—an ADSL modem, a router, and a 4-port switch. This means that up to four PCs can be directly connected to a single ADSL connection, with Internet download rates of up to 8 Mbps available to them all.

“Simply connect a MicroLink LAN Switch to the uplink port to connect even more computers to high-speed ADSL Internet access” says Harbers, describing an optional scenario. A further benefit: PCs that are connected via the MicroLink ADSL Modem/Router form a network and can communicate with one another. In your home or business it is thus possible to exchange files, play multiplayer games, share a printer, and much more—all at speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

In mid September the Deutsche Telekom started the nationwide high-speed Internet access T-DSL 1500 that offers downstream speeds of 1500 Kbps. This effectively doubles the T-DSL speed with which software, music or video files can be downloaded onto local hard disk. “The new MicroLink ADSL Modem Router is fully compatible to T-DSL 1500, and can of course be used with any other ADSL connection”, says Heiko Harbers.

The web browser-based configuration with an installation wizard in English and German makes for fast and easy configuration of the ADSL access. You can simply select your provider from a list, for example. The numerous security features that offer protection from virus or hacker attacks are just as easily installed. IP masquerading (NAT) together with an integrated firewall that is equipped with powerful filters and comprehensive security functions guarantee optimised protection. The reliability of these devices that are supplied with a two-year warranty is assured by devolo’s rigorous quality assurance in Germany. “This guarantees the best possible functionality with different operating systems, country versions and protocols”, emphasises Heiko Harbers.