Press release

Smart Grid / 03.02.2016

devolo Smart Grid extending its involvement in Greece


devolo Smart Grid expanding into the Greek market. devolo‘s local branch, headed by Petros Kontzinos, is supporting Smart Grid sales in Greece. Reliable and inexpensive Powerline communication is available to the Greek power grid thanks to G3-PLC technology from devolo. With optimum network coverage and a high data rate in the 150-500 kHz frequency band, the devolo product has already proved its efficiency in large-scale installations.

The smart grid in Greece

The sun-drenched country with its maritime climate is preparing for the energy transition. With well over 300 days of sunshine a year and stable wind conditions, the Greeks have ideal conditions for the use of renewable energies. The integration of decentralised energy systems is accompanied by smart control of the power grid. "The first network operators in Greece are now starting to establish a smart network," says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG, and adds: "As a Powerline pioneer, we are therefore extending our activities in Greece."

Data communication in the Greek smart grid

Data communication over existing power lines (Powerline communications, PLC) is a central communication technology in a smart grid. It can demonstrate its advantages, especially in the extensive distribution network:
With G3-PLC technology in a frequency band of 150-500 kHz, both the required data rate and the necessary range are easily achieved. Additional repeaters are not necessary.
Another main advantage is coverage in buildings, i.e. communicative accessibility of the measurement points in a building. A stable wireless connection to the electricity meter often fails due to solid ceilings and walls or the overloaded wireless network. A connection is always available with data communication via the power line. To this end, devolo is offering its G3-PLC modem 500k, a field-tested serial product which has already proved its efficiency in various pilot phases.
In addition to data communication, data security is a key aspect in the smart grid industry. devolo pays special attention to this aspect in research and development. Smart control of decentralised producers, accumulators and consumers will also play a decisive role in the future power grid. devolo is complying with this requirement by developing a control box.

Highly efficient logistics

Rapidly scalable production capacities and efficient logistics will be the main tasks for hardware manufacturers in the energy industry. With its many years of experience in the Powerline business and sales of more than 29 million products, devolo AG has a global supply chain that stands for the highest quality and reliability. Additional production capacities of nearly unlimited proportions can be set up in a very short space of time at the manufacturing sites. "Long-term cooperation with renowned logistics specialists ensures short delivery times and guarantees high planning predictability for our customers. With more than five million products sold and delivered every year throughout Europe, we believe that we are very well-equipped for the roll-out in Greece," says Dr. Michael Koch, Head of the devolo Smart Grid Business Unit.