Press release

Company / 04.04.2016

devolo ships 30 million Powerline products: A new milestone in the company history


devolo AG sets a new record, having reached a milestone of 30 million dLAN® Powerline products shipped. No other company in the world has sold more Powerline adapters than the Aachen-based networking specialist. The use of household electrical wiring for data transmission is called Powerline technology. devolo was the first company to launch this technology on the market.

An idea takes hold

Why lay more cables when a cable is already there? Using dLAN® Powerline means the Internet comes right from the power socket. The devolo technology makes it possible to use the household electrical wiring like a long network cable. When devolo became the first company to begin with this product concept in 2003, some market experts marvelled at the idea while others shook their heads. But the success of this idea quickly became apparent. By 2008, devolo had already shipped approximately 5 million dLAN® adapters. That number reached 10 million in 2010. A new milestone has now been reached with the new all-time high of 30 million Powerline products.

Everything for the simple home network

devolo puts a special focus on simplifying networking at home. Here, dLAN® adapters stand out for offering exceptionally easy installation. Simply plug in the first adapter, connect it with your router and plug in the second adapter at any power socket to get here an excellent Internet connection. Another outstanding feature is the long range of the dLAN® products, which makes the Internet accessible in any room of the house. Wireless end devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops can be conveniently integrated via WiFi. devolo has developed combination products for this integration, combining extremely fast data transfers over the electrical wiring with flexible WiFi in one single adapter. This way even remote corners of the house are integrated wirelessly into the home network.

Growth market of professional networks

Many companies (especially mid-sized companies) are facing the major challenge of digital transformation. The opportunities offered by the digital automation of business processes are well-known. Nevertheless, many companies are uncertain when it comes to its actual implementation and would rather spare themselves the cost of major additional installation work, specifically the cost-intensive task of laying new network cables. This market offers enormous potential for devolo, as nearly all locations where communication is to take place have electricity but not network cables. Professional Powerline products from devolo offer mid-sized companies cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions that eliminate the need for costly facility renovations. They guarantee optimal communication and high-quality availability of networks in professional environments.

Success as a mission for the future

devolo views its own success as a mission for the future. The company wants to continue to build the best Powerline products. This is why devolo already employs the largest Powerline development team in the world at its headquarters in Aachen, Germany. At the same time, devolo is a member of many international standardisation organisations, such as the IEEE, and advances international development on this front as well."With 30 million dLAN® products shipped, we have reached a new milestone in devolo history," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "This success proves again that our recipe works: long-term and stable growth paired with innovative ability and open corporate culture."