Press release

Company / 12.08.2003

devolo service doesn‘t stop at the hotline


devolo significantly extends its level of service; effective immediately, all products from devolo AG in Aachen include a voucher for a nationwide on-site service (Germany only) that will assist inexperienced customers in installing their routers or network cards. The manufacturer will pay the travel costs for the service technician, the customer only has to pay a fixed price for the work.

“Our products feature extremely simple operation and installation routines and can be installed with just a few steps—even by non-experts”, said devolo CEO Heiko Harbers. Detailed manuals and a Support Hotline that is available weekdays from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. help the customer if questions should arise. “But sometimes, even the best advice on the phone just isn’t enough”, knows Harbers. Partly because the variety of hardware and software components in a PC can lead to interactions that even experienced PC technicians must investigate at first hand.

For this reason, the Aachen-based manufacturer is co-operating with the Potsdam-based PC-Service-Direct, a service company that has established a dense, nationwide service network with rapid reaction times for the Vobis Microcomputer AG, too. All devolo products are now supplied with a voucher that will be accepted by their service technicians. “We will pay the travel costs of EUR 35 for the service technician and the customer only has to pay a fixed price for the work”, explained Heiko Harbers. These prices are fixed: For example, the configuration of a devolo router costs EUR 39.00, the devolo network card can be installed by an expert for EUR 29.00.

The service specialists can be reached on the hotline 01805/665066 (EUR 0.12/min.) (Germany only) or online at After making an appointment, it is normally just a matter of hours before the router or network card is fully functional and ready for use. Heiko Harbers: “Our service chain doesn’t end at the hotline. If customers have a problem with our products, we will solve it in person, if need be.”