Press release

Trade area / 24.07.2013

devolo reinvents Powerline. range+ technology at speeds up to 600 Mbps via power lines to celebrate its world premiere at IFA 2013


Simple home networking via the power line becomes even more versatile: Powerline expert devolo is presenting new highlights regarding every aspect of simple power outlet-based home networking at IFA 2013 (Hall 3.2, Stand 106). The focus of this trade fair presence is the new range+ technology, which enables a connection speed of up to 600 Mbps in addition to significantly improved range thanks to the intelligent use of all three copper wires in the power cable. Additionally the new dLAN® 500 WiFi adapters are devolo‘s way of showing how easily optimum Wi-Fi coverage can be achieved throughout a home. Powerline instead of antenna cable is the motto for dLAN® TV SAT: The new SAT>IP certified Multituner turns every power outlet into an antenna socket! In addition, smartphones and tablets now receive satellite TV programming wirelessly throughout the home.

range+ technology: The new Powerline home network generation from devolo

By introducing the range+ Technology devolo is showing a whole new generation of powerline adapters for even faster data transmission in the home network. A revolutionary innovation makes transmission rates of up to 600 Mbps a reality.Conventional Powerline technology uses only two of the three lines in the electrical circuit (phase and neutral conductor). range+ can also make use of the earth wire, thereby utilising the full physical potential of the power line for the first time. This not only achieves significantly higher transmission capacities, but longer range as well. Even secluded rooms in the basement or attic are now connected with a high data rate.

dLAN® 650+ and dLAN® 650 triple+: New adapter models with 600 Mbps

devolo is offering two products with range+ technology to start. In addition to a Gigabit LAN connection for connecting stationary computers and consumer electronics devices, dLAN® 650+ offers an integrated electrical socket with mains filter. The latter improves the already impressive transmission capacity even more. The second adapter model of the range+ series is called dLAN® 650 triple+ and, in addition to all the benefits of the dLAN® 650+, it offers a total of three Gigabit LAN ports. This makes it ideally suited for tasks such as networking a modern living room or home office. The range+ adapters will be available in stores starting in the third quarter of 2013.

Finally Wi-Fi anywhere: devolo WiFi Move Technology

The best Wi-Fi home network for smartphones, tablets and laptops: devolo is using WiFi Move Technology to showcase the Wi-Fi revolution from the power outlet. The principle: The compact dLAN® 500 WiFi access point is simply used right where you do a lot of wireless surfing - giving you the best reception for your smartphone, tablet and laptop. At the touch of a button you can link more than one of these adapters into a shared Wi-Fi network: Then your mobile devices can automatically find the best Wi-Fi access point. You can expand the network at any time; new adapters easily apply the Wi-Fi settings at the touch of a button.

Powerline instead of antenna cable: dLAN® Multituner brings satellite TV into the entire home

The dLAN® TV SAT Multituner turns every power outlet into an antenna socket. The powerline-based DVB-S2 tuner feeds the satellite signal from the satellite dish into the household electrical wiring, making it available throughout the home. This lets you receive two different television signals at the same time, or watch one live while you record another. Even smartphones and tablets can benefit. Installing a free app lets you turn them into mobile TV sets!

devolo looks forward to your visit at IFA! You will find us in Hall 3.2, Stand 106. To schedule an appointment, please contact Frank Mischkowski (