Press release

Business customers / 06.06.2002

devolo reintroduces the MicroLink 56k iindustrial modem Special characteristics: robustness and reliability


Modems that are used for industrial and commercial purposes must be highly reliable. As an example, the interruption of data transfer used for measurement and control technology could prove to be expensive. The demand for modems that operate reliably under even the toughest conditions is as high as ever. Reason enough for the devolo AG, founded on May 1, 2002, to reintroduce the industrial modem MicroLink 56k i. Technically identical to its successful predecessor from ELSA, it is equipped with a robust and stackable aluminium housing and several fail-safe features. The “hardware watchdog” not only detects broken connections or errors: it also restarts the modem automatically, thus preventing the system from locking up. The devolo MicroLink 56k i is available now from specialised resellers for EUR 199.00.

Not limited to a 230V power supply, the MicroLink 56k i also operates with voltages from 9V to 30V—either as direct current (DC) or as alternating current (AC). The integrated feature Powerfail constantly monitors the power supply. If this drops below acceptable levels, the modem is stopped and only restarted after the necessary power supply has been re-established.

Apart from these fail-safes, the range of functions also meets professional requirements. The MicroLink 56k i offers password-protected remote configuration, a feature that is common only to network routers. The automatic callback function allows convenient remote interrogation. This function only calls preset numbers, which further contributes to system security.