Press release

Business customers / 02.10.2012

devolo presents the first Powerline adapter that can transfer the data on three different lines - electrical, coax and twisted pair connection in one device


devolo is extending its offering of professional Powerline solutions by adding a new adapter and also introducing a new generation of the AVpro manager configuration software. The dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI is the first dLAN® Powerline adapter to be able to transfer data over three types of cable: electrical, coax and twisted pair. It is based on the proven dLAN® Powerline technology, which uses the available electrical wiring for data transmission. Simultaneously, devolo is introducing the latest version of its professional Powerline configuration software program AVpro manager, which now also offers remote management over the Internet along with a new interface with real-time monitoring.

Germany-based devolo AG, the global market leader in Powerline solutions for consumer and professional users, is expanding its professional Powerline portfolio with the dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI. With the latest addition to the dLAN® PROFESSIONAL portfolio, devolo is introducing the first Powerline product to support all three types of cable suitable for signal transfer. Together with the comprehensive, up-to-date management software, commercial and industrial users now have a complete offering of specialised Powerline products available. The dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI is suitable for example for communication between different company buildings, as well as customised networking solutions such as digital signage, M2M communication or comprehensive in-house networks.

dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI: powerline, coax or twisted pair

With the dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI, devolo presents the first professional dLAN® universal adapter. The dLAN® Powerline solution, in a robust metal housing, enables reliable IP data communication via all three types of cable that allow powerline transmission. You can create connections via the building‘s internal mains supply, via coaxial cable or via twisted pair. The original purpose of the respective transmission path is not impaired. The advantage of the respective cabling comes from the required range and availability of the connections. While Powerline has a range of about 300 meters via the electrical wiring, the signal can cover up to 600 meters via coax network. With twisted pair, it is likewise up to 600 metres.

Comprehensive adapter interfaces with PoE support

The high-performance 500 Mbit chip provides for stable communication with high transfer rates. Additionally, due to the 128-bit AES encryption, all data is secured against unauthorised access. The Quality of Service performance feature guarantees automatic data prioritisation. A separation of user groups and granular access control are possible due to VLAN support. An integrated 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch in the compact housing of the dLAN® 500 enables direct connection of 4 network devices at the installation location. Thanks to PoE support to IEEE 802.3af, corresponding terminal devices such as security cameras that support this technology can also be connected directly to a port.

dLAN® AVpro manager v6: Remote management via Internet

With a comprehensive update, devolo establishes many new features in its professional dLAN® configuration software, AVpro manager. In the software program‘s sixth version, remote management of dLAN® Powerline networks over the Internet is possible. A redesigned user interface now offers real-time monitoring of the network (LiveView) - so the entire professional Powerline network is always in view. Alongside the administrator view, a second program mode is created for beginners. Even higher security in relation to the database and configuration access is thus guaranteed. dLAN® AVpro manager v6 supports MDU and peer-to-peer networks.

The devolo dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI is available now at 199,90 Euro. The configuration Software dLAN® AVpro manager v6 is shipped with the UNI and available for free on the devolo Website.