Press release

Business customers / 18.08.2011

devolo presents first dLAN® DIN rail adapter for smart home and smart metering applications


Aachen, Germany-based Powerline pioneer devolo is introducing the dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail, its first dLAN Powerline product for top-hat rail mounting. The new form factor enables fixed dLAN installation in standardised distribution boxes for the first time. This provides benefits for efficient implementation of smart home and smart metering solutions. The dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail is intended both for residential household use and for applications in a commercial environment and non-residential buildings. For implementing efficient internal networking solutions in buildings, the devolo adapter takes over the key function as the central backbone for data transmission via the power line.

With the première of its first dLAN Powerline product for top-hat rail mounting, devolo underscores its leading role in the development of professional dLAN solutions. The fixed installation of the dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail in any type of distribution boxes makes it particularly easy to implement networking solutions via the household electrical wiring. The signal is coupled to three phases of the mains supply, ensuring optimal performance in the powerline network. In addition to the building-wide provision of broadband Internet, devolo‘s new development is ideal for implementing multimedia networks (IPTV, HDTV), building automation, connecting network-compatible terminal devices and for use as a smart metering gateway for energy data transmission.

The applications are many and varied. Using the household electrical wiring for data transmission means that no separate new network wiring is necessary—a dLAN adapter quickly turns each desired power outlet into a network port. Implementation is quick and easy, without a high investment. In the hospitality sector, the dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail can be used as a communications hub or in sub-distribution systems for establishing master-slave or peer-to-peer networks. Listed and non-residential buildings are another application of interest, as there, infrastructure extensions are normally possible only to a limited extent or are associated with high costs. The adapter can also be used as a Powerline repeater, for example for bypassing the power meter. Those who want to make energy data available at any time can implement efficient smart metering solutions with the dLAN DIN rail adapter.

"With the dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail, devolo offers the first Powerline solution that can be installed directly on all three phases of the mains supply due to the installation location in the central power distribution cabinet," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "This makes the Powerline network even more powerful and ideally suited to implementing efficient smart home and smart metering concepts."

dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail in detail

The devolo dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail offers 200 Mbps data transmission via the power line to the HomePlug AV standard. The direct connection to a three-phase network connection offers maximum performance over a cable length of 300 meters. Thanks to the 3-phase power supply, all power outlets in the building are reached equally. The device is certified to overvoltage category III and thus is suitable for residential and commercial use. The AES data encryption guarantees secure transmission. The dLAN DIN rail adapter is installed quickly and easily in the distribution box by an electrician.

The dLAN 200 AVpro DINrail will be available in August 2011.