Press release

Company / 30.05.2011

devolo launches Web-based training concept for large consumer electronics retailers, electronics dealers and system providers


With an innovative Web-based training concept, Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG, the leading expert in Powerline communication solutions, is presenting an innovative online training centre for consultants from electronics dealers, system providers and large consumer electronics retailers. The objective is to further increase the quality of advice given for the range of powerline products, while also illustrating the highly versatile deployment options for networking IT and consumer electronics products. Retailers also profit from the devolo product lines as a revenue source. Particularly for the large number of stationary consumer electronics and IT devices, dLAN offers advantages over both WLAN and classic Fast Ethernet wiring. devolo rewards successful participation in the new online training courses with attractive certificates that can be used as a sales-boosting proof of expertise.

Given the high availability of xDSL connections, demand is increasing for innovative networking solutions that allow online content to be used in every room of the home. Some 65 percent of German households have a broadband Internet connection—and many consumers have both multiple computers and consumer electronics devices with online functions, such as game consoles, Internet televisions and the like. Precisely these devices are where devolo‘s dLAN® shows its strengths best as a network connection available throughout the home: it is as flexible as WLAN and as stable as a classic cable network. Another convincing feature is the high data transmission speed—dLAN 500 is even faster than a cable-based Fast Ethernet connection. To highlight these and other features, devolo is using an innovative online training concept for its premium brand and offers electronics dealers, system providers and large consumer electronics retailers an online portal for in-house training. To coincide with the launch of the new dLAN® 500 generation, the online training centre is now available at .

Expert support for successful consultation

Immediately after registering, users can take advantage of the wide variety of short Web-based training courses with attractive and easy-to-use content offered by the devolo online training centre. In addition to lessons about especially popular dLAN® products like the dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N, the portal also includes courses about the function of powerline technology and tips to help the customer optimise the performance of his or her dLAN network. The training units are structured such that they can be completed as an in-house training program during the workday—no unit lasts longer than 10 minutes. In addition, the individual programs are adapted to the user‘s knowledge level. Beginning and advanced users alike will find attractive resources for their professional development. The multimedia lessons present all of the content for a single topic in an entertaining manner. After completing the course, the user takes a quick test. Each test the user passes earns him or her a dLAN® certificate. Those who pass all the tests are distinguished with the devolo gold certificate for dLAN® professionals.

Training sessions for professional dLAN® solutions

The devolo B2B products and solutions for business clients and commercial use can also be found in the new devolo online training centre. System providers can test their knowledge in the professional network segment and optimise the advice they give, helping them to close more sales."As a premium manufacturer, our claim is that our products are sold by well-trained personnel," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. He adds: "Another important priority for us is to ensure that an increasing number of consumer electronics and computer specialist retailers, as well as system providers, sell dLAN® actively. It is a strong technology that will impress their customers with its versatile deployment options and high speed, stability and durability."