Press release

Private customers / 29.08.2017

devolo is showcasing the new dLAN® 1200 triple+ with three gigabit ports at IFA 2017


Germany-based devolo AG is launching the new dLAN 1200 triple+ at IFA 2017. Video and audio streams are transmitted via household power lines at lightning-fast speeds up to 1.2 gigabits. This means that the new dLAN 1200 triple+ provides gigabit Internet at every power socket. The new Powerline adapter is ideal for fast networking of all multimedia devices, including game consoles, smart TVs, computers and network printers. devolo is using the claim "The magic of a perfect connection" to showcase how easy it is to install dLAN Powerline adapters to establish fast Internet throughout the home for more multimedia fun. Just plug in and get started!

Maximal Powerline: dLAN 1200 triple+ from devolo

Video streams with a buffering icon, choppy audio streams and slow downloads. This is usually due to the fact that the router is not located where fast Internet access is required. But it doesn‘t have to be this way! devolo dLAN Powerline adapters offer a simple, effective solution for fast and easy networking on individual storeys or entire homes. To achieve this, devolo dLAN adapters simply use the available power line as a long data cable.

The newest member of the dLAN 1200 family provides three identical gigabit Ethernet ports at every power socket. This makes it convenient to supply the entire multimedia centre or an entire home office with fast Internet. The set-up process does not require any IT knowledge. The adapters are paired at the press of a button and connect automatically. The means that the Powerline network is also protected from third-party access.

More range and stability thanks to devolo range+ Technology

Not only does the dLAN 1200 triple+ boast gigabit speeds, it also features outstanding range. Thanks to devolo range+ Technology, it uses all three wires of the power cable for data transmission. This allows it to achieve significantly higher speed, operating stability and range (up to 400 meters) compared to conventional Powerline adapters. The dLAN 1200 triple+ is also exceptionally well suited for demanding operating environments, such as older buildings.

Convenient, efficient and secure: Integrated electrical socket with mains filter

The dLAN 1200 triple+ is equipped with an integrated electrical socket to ensure that no power socket goes to waste. To let the adapter display its maximum performance, all electrical consumers should be combined onto a single power strip. This power strip is then plugged into the dLAN 1200 triple+ so that the integrated mains filter can eliminate any potential interference signals. Of course, the integrated electrical socket features a reliable child safety device.

dLAN Powerline: lightning-fast Internet in every room

Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG has been developing dLAN Powerline adapters for 15 years and is a market and technology trailblazer in this sector. The principle behind it all is as simple as it is magical: Powerline uses the existing power lines as data cables. Two dLAN Powerline adapters are all you need to do this. The first is connected to the Internet router and plugged into a nearby power socket. That‘s it. Then, another Powerline adapter can be placed at any other power socket in the same power circuit. This second adapter provides a stable Internet and network connection at its location. This means that devolo Powerline adapters can even provide Internet to rooms and storeys that are difficult to access: the magic of a perfect connection!

Prices and availability

The dLAN 1200 triple+ is the new dLAN flagship product from the market leader devolo. It is available now in stores and online. The recommended retail price including VAT is 79.90 euros for a single adapter. A practical Starter Kit, consisting of one dLAN 1200+ and one dLAN 1200 triple+ adapter, costs 149.90 euros (recommended retail price). devolo provides a 3-year manufacturer‘s warranty on all products.